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Louis Verreycken
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Louis Verreycken, knight, audiencier and first secretary to the Archduke
first secretary and audiencier
In office
Governor GeneralArchduke Albert
Succeeded byLouis-François Verreycken
Personal details
Died23 October 1621
Spouse(s)Louise Micault
ChildrenLouis-François Verreycken

Louis Verreycken (1552 - 23 October 1621),[1] Lord of Impden, Sart, Ruart, Hamme was secretary of the Brussels Council of State and audiencier of the Brussels Privy Council.


He was first appointed by Philip II of Spain on 4 May 1583, but rose to pre-eminence under Archduke Albert. Together with Jean Richardot he took part in the negotiations leading to the Peace of Vervins between France and the Habsburgs. In early 1600 he undertook a peace mission to England, but without immediate result.[2] Rowland Whyte described his reception at court by Queen Elizabeth in detail.[3]

He was also a member of the delegation that negotiated the Twelve Years' Truce of 1609–1621 between the Dutch Republic and the Habsburgs.

He was named treasurer of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1611,[1] and was knighted in 1596. His son Louis-François Verreycken became 1st Baron of Bonlez.[4]

His will is dated 12 May 1620.


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