GenreElectronic music, experimental music
Location(s)Montreal, international
Years active2000-present

MUTEK is a Montreal-based festival dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts.[1] Its central platform is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late August.[2] Alongside the Montreal edition, MUTEK also hosts international versions of its festival.


Mutek was founded in 2000 by Alain Mongeau.[3]

A Mexican edition of MUTEK has taken place in Mexico City since 2003. Annual South American single and/or multi-day events have taken place in Argentina and Chile since 2002 and 2004 respectively. Showcases have occurred in Brazil and Colombia as well.[4][better source needed]

In 2005 MUTEK was among the first Western cultural organizations to send a delegation of electronic artists to China.[5][better source needed]

In 2014, MUTEK paired with digital arts festival Elektra for the EM15 festival in Montreal.[6]

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