Magdalena Jetelová

An example of her work

Magdalena Jetelová (born 1946) is a Czech/German installation artist and land artist. She has been significantly influenced by the Prague Spring. Her works include Table and Chair.[1] An exhibit of hers for the Museum Kampa gained attention for floating down the Vltava river due to a flood and ending up near Mělník.[2]

Her iconic sculpture "Place" was installed at the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail in 1986. It was originally intended to last a short time before being set on fire. Instead the artwork has remained on its hilltop position for 29 years and has been visited by millions of visitors from all over the world. It is due to be decommissioned in 2015.

Jetelová's sculptures are inspired by basic items from everyday life: tables, chairs, stairs. She reproduces and often distorts these in large wooden objects. Since 1986, she has experimented with outdoor light and laser projection.[3]

'Place' by Magdelena Jetelova was installed at The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail in 1986.


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