Temporal range: Cisuralian
Makowskia laticephala.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Seymouriamorpha
Family: Discosauriscidae
Genus: Makowskia
Klembara, 2005

M. laticephala Klembara, 2005 (type)

Makowskia is an extinct genus of discosauriscid seymouriamorph known from the early Permian (lower Saxonian age) of Boskovice Furrow, in the Czech Republic.[1] It was first named by Jozef Klembara in 2005 and the type species is Makowskia laticephala. The generic name honors Alexander Makowsky for describing the first specimens of discosauriscids from the Boskovice Furrow, and the specific name means “broad” (latus in Latin) + “head” (kefalé in Greek). Makowskia is known only from one specimen, the holotype SNMZ 26506, a skull and anterior portion of postcranial skeleton.[1] A phylogenetic analysis places Makowskia as the sister taxon to Spinarerpeton.[2]


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