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The Marlowe portrait is an unsigned portrait on a wooden panel, dated 1585, which was re-discovered in 1953 during renovations at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.[1][2]

It has been widely suggested that the portrait depicts the English playwright Christopher Marlowe (1564–1593), a theory first advanced in 1955 by Marlovian Calvin Hoffman. No other portrait of Marlowe is known to exist.[3]:214[4][5]

The portrait is of a man, 21 years old, and expensively dressed. He wears a doublet, possibly velvet, with rows of golden buttons. The pattern on the doublet is made by cuts in the cloth, showing the lining under.[6] The man's stated age and the date on the painting match Marlowe's time at the college, but the evidence is inconclusive, and it could be another student.[1] The latin motto in the upper left corner reads "Quod me nutrit me destruit", in English "That which nourishes me destroys me".[3]:66[6]

The portrait has become firmly associated with Marlowe, and is often used to depict him.[7] It hangs in the dining hall at Corpus Christi College.[6]

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