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Martín de Álzaga (racing driver)

Martín de Álzaga
Born25 January 1901
Died15 November 1982
OccupationRacecar driver

Martín 'Macoco' de Álzaga (25 January 1901 – 15 November 1982) was an Argentine racecar driver.

Martín de Álzaga was an Argentinian race car pilot and playboy. Born in Mar del Plata, he was a member of Buenos Aires high society. He participated in the Montevideo-Punta del Este International race, the Grand Prix of the Automovil Club Argentino, the Gran Premio de San Sebastián, and the Indianapolis 500 race. In 1925, he moved to New York, where he was one of the owners of the luxurious Bath Club cabaret until 1928. In 1931, he opened with John Perona the El Morocco in Manhattan, which started out as a speakeasy and became, after the repeal of Prohibition, one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, attended by celebrities such as Truman Capote, Salvador Dalí and Humphrey Bogart. He was briefly married to model/actress Kay Williams who would eventually marry and widow actor Clark Gable.

He died in Buenos Aires and is buried at the La Recoleta Cemetery.

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