Middle suprarenal arteries

Middle suprarenal arteries
Posterior abdominal wall, after removal of the peritoneum, showing kidneys, suprarenal capsules, and great vessels (middle suprarenal artery visible but not labeled)
SourceAbdominal aorta
VeinSuprarenal veins
SuppliesAdrenal gland
Latinarteria suprarenalis media
Anatomical terminology

The middle suprarenal artery (middle capsular artery) is a paired artery in the abdomen. It is a branch of the aorta. It supplies the adrenal gland.



The middle suprarenal artery (usually) arises from lateral aspect of the abdominal aorta. Its origin occurs at roughly the same level as that of the superior mesenteric artery.: 1240 


The vessel passes laterally[citation needed] and slightly superior-ward, passing over the crura of the diaphragm to reach the surface of the ipsilateral suprarenal gland, whereupon it forms anastomoses with the other suprarenal arteries.: 1240 


The anatomical relations of the left and right middle superior artery differ. The right vessel crosses the inferior vena cava posteriorly near the right celiac ganglion. The left vessel passes near the right celiac ganglion, superior margin of the spleen, and splenic artery.: 1240 


There is usually a single middle suprarenal artery (on either side of the body), but in some individuals, there may be multiple, or the vessel may be absent.: 1240 

The vessel may sometimes arise from the (ipsilateral) renal artery, or (ipsilateral) inferior phrenic artery.: 1240 


The middle suprarenal artery supplies the adrenal gland.

Clinical significance

The middle suprarenal artery may be assessed using Doppler ultrasound.


The middle suprarenal artery may also be known as the middle adrenal artery or the middle capsular artery.[citation needed]

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