Mihail Jora

Mihail Jora stamp 1981.jpg

Mihail Jora (Romanian pronunciation: [mihaˈil ˈʒora]; 2 August 1891, Roman, Romania - 10 May 1971, Bucharest, Romania) was a Romanian composer, pianist, and conductor. Jora studied in Leipzig with Robert Teichmüller. From 1929 to 1962 he was a professor at the Bucharest Conservatoire. He worked from 1928 to 1933 as a director/conductor of the Bucharest Broadcasting Orchestra. In 1944 he became vice-president of the Society of Romanian Composers: however, he soon came into criticism of the new communist government being accused of formalism (see Zhdanov Doctrine). In 1953, he was rehabilitated and allowed to rejoin the Composers' Union.

He composed six ballets, one symphony, two major orchestra works, and many pieces for piano, chamber-music, choral and vocal music.

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