Mirca Sancin

Mirca Zupnek Sancin (3 March 1901 - 24 July 1970) was a Slovene composer and piano teacher.

Sancin was born in Ljubljana to Ana Petric and Franc Zupnek. She married Ivan Karel Sancin and they had one son. She studied composition at the Graz Conservatory (today the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz). Her teachers included Ivan Brezovsek, H. Schmidt and Lucijan Marija Skerjanc. In addition to composing, Sancin taught pano in Celje, Ljubljana, and at the State Higher Teachers’ College in Trieste.

Sancin’s music was published by the Ljubljana Music Society.

Selected works


  • Peasant Dance (chamber orchestra; originally for piano)
  • Vision and Romance (violin and piano)


  • Fantasticno koto
  • Improvizacija No. 1 and 2
  • Iz mladih dni
  • Komar i muha
  • Koracnica
  • Mali plesni impromptu
  • Miadinska igra
  • Miniature
  • Na igriscu
  • On the Field
  • Peasant Dance (also arranged for chamber orchestra)
  • Plesi, Plesi Kosmatinec (Dance, Dance My Bear)
  • Pomladni valcek
  • Preludij
  • Reovje
  • Romansa
  • Scherzoso
  • Silhuette
  • Six Clavichord Compositions for Youth
  • Slavnostna koracnica
  • Spanski ples
  • Twenty Technical Exercises
  • Uspavanka
  • Valse campestre
  • Vesela mladina


  • “Begunka”
  • “Ljubavna pesma”
  • “Med nama je vse poino zlatnih nit”
  • “Mene ni zela koza” (text by Alojz Gradnik)
  • “Momentek” (text by Josip Murn)
  • Nesreca
  • Pomlad je prisla (text by Oton Zupancic)
  • Rosica
  • Tih vecer
  • Trenutak

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