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Below is a table of online music databases that are largely free of charge. Note that many of the sites provide a specialized service or focus on a particular music genre. Some of these operate as an online music store or purchase referral service in some capacity. Among the sites that have information on the largest number of entities are those sites that focus on discographies of composing and performing artists.

Performance rights organisations (PRO) typically have their own databases as per country they represent, in accordance with CISAC, to help domestic artists collect royalties. Information available on these portals include songwriting credits, publishing percentage splits, and alternate titles for different distribution channels. It is one of the most accurate and official type of databases because it involves direct communication between the artists, record labels, distributors, legal teams, publishers and a global governing body regulating PRO's. Many countries that observe copyright have an organisation established, currently there are 119 CISAC members, and they may be not-for-profit. The databases are typically known as 'repertory searches' or 'searching works' and may require an account while others are open to view for free as public including the USA's ASCAP Songview and Ace services, Canada's SOCAN, South Korea's KOMCA, France's SACEM, and Israel's ACUM.

General databases

Database Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
AllMusic Music information and reviews. ~20,000,000 ~2,200,000 Song samples only.
Discogs • Database: user-generated cross-referenced database of physical & digital releases, artists, and labels. With catalogue numbers, codes, and other markings taken directly from each release.
• Companies/organisations: cross-referencing those involved in music production (record companies, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, rights holders, venues, studios, etc.)
• Images: for releases, artists, labels, and other companies/organisations listed.
• Marketplace: for trade of physical music releases.
151,200,000 15,000,000 8,000,000 • Multi-lingual.
• Free membership (which also removes all site ads).
• Marketplace lists over 35 million items (largest physical music items marketplace online).
• 1 billion edits.
PD/CC0 Free API and XML data dumps.
Internet Archive Large live music archive, hosts hundreds of free music netlabels 13 million (as of 2021) CC/PD Yes
Jamendo Free full-length music download. Free Art License, now royalty-free catalog
Jaxsta Online database of official music credits 19,000,000 • 115,000,000+ Individual Music Credits
• 100,000+ Credits Ingested Daily
API available. Music community website. ~26,484,587 ~3,304,568 ~1,383,340 Automatically creates online library/collection of listened to music and generates recommendations.
The MLC Complete publicly available database of all recordings and musical works for payment purposes. The Music Modernization Act requires The MLC to make its database of musical works available in a bulk, machine/computer-readable format and through a widely available software application. ~110,000,000 Streaming services are required by law to provide full information. Free API Available
MusicBrainz Open content music database. ~36,256,760 ~3,118,675 ~1,927,470 GPL/LGPL/PD/CC-BY-NC-SA. Free API and XML data dumps.
MusicID Official charts and indicative revenue data going back to 1900 Aggregator of chart data from sources such as Billboard, OCC and more
Qobuz Streaming service incorporating official music credits from record labels 80,000,000 Free for 1 month
Rate Your Music Music database, community ratings, reviews and lists ~5,158,359 ~1,583,038 API is planned but not functional as of 2022. No special rights granted. Web scraping is prohibited.
Soundcharts Airplay, charts and social media tracking data. 45,000,000 5,000,000 Cites major record labels as customers. API available.
Spotify Streaming service with official music credits as provided by labels and distributors. 82,000,000 ~8,000,000 Yes
Tidal Streaming service incorporating official music credits from record labels. 90,000,000 Unofficial Tidal API available, official API can be accessed with subscription Yes

Music genre specific

Database Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
Encyclopaedia Metallum A heavy metal encyclopedia with information, complete discography, links, images, and reviews. ~1,900,000 ~265,000 ~102,000 bands, ~535,000 artists
Prog Archives Progressive rock discography and reviews. 0 63,978 11,308 No special rights granted Yes. Log on to submit band information
RollDaBeats Drum N Bass music database, physical releases only. 175,969 62,103
Riddim Guide Reggae and dancehall database; catalogues riddims 57875 4878 (riddims) 5937 2570 record labels Yes

Specialized areas

Database Specialization Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
The Freesound Project Audio samples Repository of Creative Commons-licensed audio samples. 445,000 CC Sampling Plus.
Genius Lyrics Allows users to provide annotations and interpretation of song lyrics.
Musixmatch Lyrics Audio based music recognition and provision of song lyrics. Yes.
SecondHandSongs Covers Database of covers and samples of songs, with links to public recordings >1,100,000 performances >100,000 works Multilingual recordings. No special rights granted
Sound Credit Credits Multimodal platform for entering and editing music credits with a datahub that includes a database upload option. Database uploads are free, and is free to view.
WhoSampled Sample identification User-generated database of comparison between original tracks and covers, or songs that use samples. 460,000 150,000

Printed music (sheets) databases

Database Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
Choral Public Domain Library Sheet music archive of choral and vocal music in the public domain or otherwise freely available for printing and performing 36,869 Yes
International Music Score Library Project Music scores and parts, mostly scanned from publications now in the public domain; some recordings. 42,000 (370,000 scores) 14,500 composers, 387 performers. PD/CC-BY-NC-SA.
MuseScore Sheet music 6,487,223 780 Also includes free music notation software to enable a wide range of instrumental music scores to be created, printed and shared Music is available under a variety of licenses. It is tagged and searchable by license. Music protected by copyright is only downloadable by obtaining a paid Pro subscription.
Musipedia Search by melody (entering notes, Parsons code, whistling, or tapping rhythm) Yes, but via other sources.
Mutopia Project repository of free content sheet music. 2,247 328
Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) Database of historical music manuscripts and music printed editions that includes full descriptions and current physical locations in libraries worldwide. >1,400,000 ~40,000 composers Search available in 5 languages. Link to digitized images when available. CC-BY Yes

Metadata providers and distributors

Database Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
ACRCloud Music recognition & audio based music retrieval ~40,000,000 Commercially available with SDKs, APIs for file scanning, airplay monitoring, shazam-liked features Free trial available in 15 days
Gracenote Identification service for CDs and other media. ~100,000,000 ~8,000,000 1 billion "submissions".
Quantone Database of physical/digital products, venues, photos, artists, participants, composers, movements, labels, publishers and rights. 12,000,000 301,000 For commercial business-to-business usage only. API available.

Non-functioning databases

Database Services No. of tracks No. of releases No. of artists Notes License Full free access
freedb Identification service for CDs. and its services shut down in June 2020; succeeded by gnudb. GPL.
LyricWiki Lyrics wiki on Wikia. ~1,653,416 ~159,749 ~82,226 Yes, but no access to the lyrics via API.
MetroLyrics Lyrics lookup.
MusicMight Biographies and discographies.
Wikifonia Free lead sheets in MusicXML format, contributed and editable by users. 6,236 Was active from 2006-2013

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