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File:Popular Gozitan musicians known as Id-Dudi, 1910s. Photo Mikiel Farrugia

The music of Malta ranges across a spectrum of genres such as traditional folk music, metal and various forms of electronica.


"Għana" is the traditional folk music of Malta (the 'Għ' is a silent consonant).

Malta organises its own Malta Song Festival yearly since 1960.

In 1971 Joe Grech was the first singer to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. Later, Thea Garrett won the Malta Song for Europe 2010 called My Dream. Lynn Chircop is an infamous Maltese singer who represented Malta at the Eurovision 2003 with a beautiful pop song called "To Dream Again". It was sung in Riga with 5 additional backing singers on the stage. Chircop got 4 points at the end of voting process. Morena is another artist who is a winner of Malta Song for Europe 2008 called VODKA. Klinsmann participated in Malta Song for Europe in 2007 [She Gives me Wings] and 2008 [Go finalist song]. Claudia Faniello was the second runner up in Malta song for Europe 2008 who participated with the songs Caravaggio and Sunrise. Chiara represented Malta in Eurovision a total of 3 times, 1998, 2005, 2009. Gaia Cauchi represented and won for Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. Gianluca Bezzina represented Malta in 2013. Destiny Chukunyere represented and won for Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. Chukunyere is going to represent Malta at Eurovision 2020 after winning the Maltese version of X Factor.


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