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National Assembly (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

National Assembly

Assemblée nationale
3rd Legislature of the Third Republic of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Christophe Mboso N'Kodia Pwanga
since 3 February 2021
DR Congo National Assembly 2018.svg
Political groups
 People's Party for Peace and Democracy (PPPD): 21 seats
 Social Movement (MS): 23 seats
 Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU): 17 seats
 Alliance for Renewal in Congo (ARC): 21 seats
 Alliance of the Democratic Forces of Congo (AFDC): 41 seats
 Alternative Action for Well-being and Change (AAB): 30 seats
 Alliance of Actors for Good Governance of Congo (AABC): 22 seats
 Congolese Party for Development (PCD): 11 seats
 Alternative Action for Well-being and Change (AAB): 30 seats
 Future of Congo (ACO): 12 seats
 Alliance of Movements of Kongo (AMK): 20 seats
 Alliance for Building an Emerging Congo (ABCE): 11 seats
 Other parties: 35 seats
 Undecided: 23 seats
Length of term
5 years
Last election
30 December 2018
Meeting place
Palais du peuple de la RDC.jpg
Palais du Peuple
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The National Assembly is the lower house and main legislative political body of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was established by the 2006 constitution.

It is located at the People's Palace (French: Palais du Peuple) in Kinshasa.

The most recent National Assembly was sworn in on January 28, 2019.

Electoral system

The National Assembly is elected every five years by universal suffrage. For the 2018 elections the 500 seats of the assembly were apportioned among 181 electoral districts based on voter registration numbers. This resulted in 62 members elected in single member constituencies by first-past-the-post and the remaining 438 members elected in multi-member constituencies by open list.

Presidents of the National Assembly

Number of deputies for each constituency by province

The number of deputies elected from each subdivision in parenthesis.

Bas-Uele (7)

Équateur (12)

Haut-Katanga (30)

Haut-Lomami (16)

Haut-Uele (11)

Ituri (28)

Kasaï (19)

Kasaï Central (19)

Kasaï-Oriental (14)

Kinshasa (55)

Kongo Central (24)

Kwango (12)

Kwilu (29)

Lomami (15)

Lualaba (13)

Mai-Ndombe (12)

Maniema (13)

Mongala (12)

Nord-Kivu (48)

Nord-Ubangi (8)

Sankuru (14)

Sud-Kivu (32)

Sud-Ubangi (16)

Tanganyika (15)

Tshopo (16)

Tshuapa (10)

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