New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame

The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame is an organisation commemorating New Zealand's greatest sporting triumphs. It was inaugurated as part of the New Zealand sesquicentenary celebrations in 1990. Some 160 members have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since its inception representing a wide variety of sports. Inductions are held regularly every second year.

Since 1999, it has been located in Dunedin, in the city's Railway Station building, where a museum is sited displaying mementos of New Zealand's sporting achievements. Prior to this time the Hall of Fame was based in Wellington.

Sports writer Joseph Romanos was the chief executive of the Hall of Fame from 1995 to 1998. From 1998 until shortly before his death in August 2023 the chief executive was sports writer Ron Palenski.

After September 2021 the museum could have to close or move to another city unless a new sponsor was found.



The following individuals have been inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame:

Year Inductee Sporting field
1990 Jean Batten Aviation
1990 Ces Blazey Administration
1990 Lofty Blomfield Wrestling
1990 Chris Bouzaid Yachting
1990 Godfrey Bowen Shearing
1990 Barry Briggs Motorsport
1990 Maurice Brownlie Rugby union
1990 Malcolm Champion Swimming
1990 Bob Charles Golf
1990 Bert Cooke Rugby union
1990 Lance Cross Administration
1990 Stewie Dempster Cricket
1990 Martin Donnelly Cricket
1990 Bruce Farr Yachting
1990 Dave Gerrard Swimming
1990 Linda Jones Thoroughbred racing
1990 Darcy Hadfield Rowing
1990 Murray Halberg Athletics
1990 Bill Hamilton Jetboating
1990 Joan Harnett Netball
1990 Edmund Hillary Mountaineering
1990 Maurice Holmes Harness racing
1990 Kevin Herlihy Softball
1990 Gary Hurring Swimming
1990 Naomi James Yachting
1990 Ian Kirkpatrick Rugby union
1990 Stan Lay Athletics
1990 Brian Lochore Rugby union
1990 Jack Lovelock Athletics
1990 Arthur Lydiard Athletics
1990 Winston McCarthy Sports broadcasting
1990 Clark McConachy Billiards
1990 Bruce McLaren Motorsport
1990 Colin Meads Rugby union
1990 Les Mills Athletics
1990 Ted Morgan Boxing
1990 Cecil Mountford Rugby league
1990 Billy Murphy Boxing
1990 George Nēpia Rugby union
1990 Don Oliver Weightlifting
1990 Onny Parun Tennis
1990 Rebecca Perrott Swimming
1990 Arthur Porritt Athletics
1990 Dick Quax Athletics
1990 Norman Read Athletics
1990 John R. Reid Cricket
1990 Eve Rimmer Disabled sport
1990 Rusty Robertson Rowing
1990 Jeff Robson Badminton / tennis
1990 Bob Scott Rugby union
1990 Bill Skelton Thoroughbred racing
1990 Phil Skoglund Lawn bowls
1990 Peter Snell Athletics
1990 Jean Stewart Swimming
1990 Bert Sutcliffe Cricket
1990 Dick Tayler Athletics
1990 Glenn Turner Cricket
1990 John Walker Athletics
1990 Billy Wallace Rugby union
1990 Wilson Whineray Rugby union
1990 Des White Rugby league
1990 Anthony Wilding Tennis
1990 Elsie Wilkie Lawn bowls
1990 Roy Williams Athletics
1990 Yvette Williams Athletics
1990 Val Young Athletics
1993 Susan Devoy Squash
1993 Ian Ferguson Canoeing
1993 Richard Hadlee Cricket
1993 Denny Hulme Motorsport
1993 Lois Muir Netball
1993 Mark Todd Equestrian
1995 Fred Allen Rugby union
1995 Chris Amon Motorsport
1995 Hugh Anderson Motorsport
1995 Richard Arnst Rowing
1995 Erin Baker Multisport
1995 Marise Chamberlain Athletics
1995 Don Clarke Rugby union
1995 Graeme Crosby Motorsport
1995 Leonard Cuff Administration
1995 Barrie Devenport Swimming
1995 Bob Fitzsimmons Boxing
1995 Dave Gallaher Rugby union
1995 Philippa Gould Swimming
1995 Walter Hadlee Cricket
1995 Stan Hill Basketball
1995 Ron Jarden Rugby union
1995 Stuart Jones Golf
1995 Ronnie Moore Motorsport
1995 Anthony Mosse Swimming
1995 Kathleen Nunneley Tennis
1995 Joe Scott Athletics
1995 Bob Skelton Thoroughbred racing
1995 George Smith Athletics / rugby league / rugby union
1995 Eric Tindill Cricket / rugby union
1995 Kel Tremain Rugby union
1995 Peter Wolfenden Harness racing
1996 Albert Baskerville Rugby league
1996 Tommy Baxter Rugby league
1996 Bill Broughton Thoroughbred racing
1996 Jack Cowie Cricket
1996 Rod Dixon Athletics
1996 Mark Graham Rugby league
1996 Tom Heeney Boxing
1996 Oliver Hollis Golf
1996 Harry Kerr Athletics
1996 Chris Lewis Tennis
1996 Tom Lowry Cricket
1996 Cecil Matthews Athletics
1996 Jenny McDonald Field hockey
1996 Meda McKenzie Swimming
1996 Graham Mourie Rugby union
1996 Philip Rush Swimming
1996 Billy Savidan Athletics
1996 Charlie Seeling Rugby union
1996 Ned Shewry Woodchopping
1996 Kevin Skinner Rugby union
1996 Waimarama Taumaunu Netball
1996 Alan Thompson Canoeing
1996 Bryan Williams Rugby union
1997 Cecil Devine Harness racing
1997 Jim Ellis Thoroughbred racing
1997 Karen Holliday Cycling
1997 Paul MacDonald Canoeing
1997 Marilyn Marshall Football / softball
1997 Bill Massey Softball
1997 Dick Motz Cricket
1997 Dan Reese Cricket
1997 Randolph Rose Athletics
1997 Buck Shelford Rugby union
1997 Ian Smith Cricket
1997 Billy Webb Rowing
1997 Cis Winstanley Lawn bowls
1999 Tom Ellison Rugby union
1999 Rita Fatialofa Netball
1999 Grant Fox Rugby union
1999 Ivan Mauger Motorsport
1999 Mark Nicholls Rugby union
2001 Martin Crowe Cricket
2001 Sandra Edge Netball
2003 Peter Blake Yachting
2003 Annelise Coberger Skiing
2003 Sean Fitzpatrick Rugby union
2005 Duncan Laing Swimming
2005 Danyon Loader Swimming
2005 Wynton Rufer Football
2006 Gary Anderson Cycling
2008 Lorraine Moller Athletics
2008 Mike Ryan Athletics
2009 Anne Audain Athletics
2009 Ross Norman Squash
2010 Barry Magee Athletics
2010 Allison Roe Athletics
2011 Bill Baillie Athletics
2011 Michael Jones Rugby union
2012 John Kirwan Rugby union
2013 Bruce Kendall Yachting
2013 Jeff Wilson Rugby union
2014 Jonah Lomu Rugby union
2014 Sarah Ulmer Cycling
2015 Barbara Kendall Yachting
2015 Stacey Jones Rugby league
2016 Lance O'Sullivan Thoroughbred racing
2016 Don Rowlands Rowing
2016 Lesley Rumball Netball
2016 Mark Sorenson Softball
2017 Don Jowett Athletics
2017 Rob Waddell Rowing
2017 Ruben Wiki Rugby league
2018 Beatrice Faumuina Athletics
2020 Sid Going Rugby union
2022 Ron Palenski Sports journalism


The following teams have been inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame:

Year Inductee Sporting field
1990 1905 All Blacks Rugby union
1990 1924 All Blacks Rugby union
1990 1968 New Zealand coxed four Rowing
1990 1971–1972 New Zealand eight Rowing
1990 1976 New Zealand men's hockey team Field hockey
1990 Peter Mander and Jack Cropp Yachting
1990 Helmer Pedersen and Earle Wells Yachting
1995 1982 New Zealand eight Rowing
1995 1987 All Blacks Rugby union
1996 1967 New Zealand netball team Netball
1996 1987 New Zealand netball team Netball
1997 1945–1946 2NZEF rugby team Rugby union
1999 1982 New Zealand women's softball team Softball
2005 1975 New Zealand men's crosscountry team Athletics
2012 Philippa Baker and Brenda Lawson Rowing

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