Nipple bleb

A nipple bleb is a blister on the nipple that can be filled with serous or other fluid. It may be pink or light yellow. It is thin-walled and may appear as a small blister, more than 5 mm in diameter. It can also be referred to as a bulla. Some clinicians may also include milk blisters as a type of bleb. In addition, a blocked Montgomery gland may also be called a nipple bleb though its cause is different than a milk or serous-filled bleb on the nipple. In some cases the bleb may be associated with an adjacent blocked sebaceous cyst.

It may be caused by a blocked pore that leads to seepage of milk or serous fluid under the epidermis. This causes a white 'bump' that appears opaque and shiny. If the bleb continues to block the flow of milk out of the breast it may develop into a blocked milk duct or even mastitis.

A nipple bleb is often treated by the woman herself since a warm saline soak and gentle washing may open the blister and cause it to drain.


  • Shapeless raised, smooth, shiny, pimple-like, tiny bumps formed on breasts or in and around the nipple pore
  • Raised, water/fluid filled areas on breasts. The colour of the fluid in nipple blebs may vary from white, yellow or transparent
  • Nipple blebs become flat when pressure is applied on them
  • Cause discomfort or pain to the lactating mother while breastfeeding
  • May or may not be painful in general


  • Breastfeed more frequently
  • Learn how to make the baby latch properly
  • Try wet, warm heating pads before and after each feeding
  • Massage the area around the duct to help loosen up the blockage
  • Ice packs can be soothing
  • Apply gentle pressure to release the bleb
  • Do not wear tight fitting bra. If the cloth of the bra is rubbing against the nipples, use a nursing pad to ease the friction

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