Paulo Dias de Novais

Paulo Dias de Novais
Paulo Dias de Novais, 1º capitão-governador de Angola.jpg
1st Captain-Governor of Portuguese Angola
In office
MonarchsSebastian of Portugal
Henry of Portugal
Philip I of Portugal
Preceded byOffice created
Succeeded byLuís Serrão
Personal details
Bornc. 1510
Kingdom of Portugal
Died9 May 1589
Massangano, Portuguese Angola
Military service
AllegiancePortuguese Empire

Paulo Dias de Novais (c. 1510 – 9 May 1589), a fidalgo of the Royal Household, was a Portuguese colonizer of Africa in the 16th century and the first Captain-Governor of Portuguese Angola. He was the grandson of the explorer Bartolomeu Dias.

Dias arrived in what is now Angola on 11 February 1575. Attracted by the prospect of the famous silver mines of Cambambe, he founded the settlement of São Paulo de Luanda, near the island of Luanda. He became the first governor of Angola on 19 September 1571.

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