Piano Trio No. 3 (Brahms)

Piano Trio in C minor
No. 3
by Johannes Brahms
Die Gartenlaube (1880) 221.jpg
The composer in 1880
KeyC minor

The Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor, Op. 101, by Johannes Brahms is scored for piano, violin and cello, and was written in the summer of 1886 while Brahms was on holiday in Hofstetten, Switzerland. It was premiered on 20 December of that year by Brahms, violinist Jenő Hubay, and cellist David Popper.


The trio is in four movements:

  1. Allegro energico
    C minor, sonata form
  2. Presto non assai
    C minor, ternary form. This movement takes the form of an intermezzo, in place of the traditional scherzo and trio.
  3. Andante grazioso
    C major, ternary form. This movement involves the use of alternating time signatures: 3
    and 2
    , as well as 9
    and 6
  4. Allegro molto
    C minor, sonata form. Ends in C major.

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