Princess of Asturias Awards

Princess of Asturias Awards
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Presented byLeonor, Princess of Asturias and the Princess of Asturias Foundation
Formerly calledPrince of Asturias Awards (1981–2014)
First awarded1981

The Princess of Asturias Awards (Spanish: Premios Princesa de Asturias, Asturian: Premios Princesa d'Asturies), formerly the Prince of Asturias Awards from 1981 to 2014 (Spanish: Premios Príncipe de Asturias), are a series of annual prizes awarded in Spain by the Princess of Asturias Foundation (previously the Prince of Asturias Foundation) to individuals, entities or organizations from around the world who make notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, and public affairs.

The awards are presented every October in a solemn ceremony at the Campoamor Theatre in Oviedo, the capital of the Principality of Asturias, and are handed out by the Princess of Asturias. Each recipient present at the ceremony receives a diploma, a sculpture expressly created for the awards by Spanish sculptor Joan Miró and a pin with the emblem of the Foundation. There is also a monetary prize of 50,000 euros for each category; this amount is shared if the category has more that one recipient.

They were declared of "exceptional contribution to the cultural heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO in 2005.


The Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony takes place in the Campoamor Theatre of Oviedo (2015 ceremony pictured)

The Prince of Asturias Awards were established on 24 September 1980, with the creation of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, in a ceremony presided by Felipe, Prince of Asturias, then heir to the throne of Spain, "to consolidate links between the Principality and the Prince of Asturias, and to contribute to, encourage and promote scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of mankind's universal heritage".

Following the accession of the Prince as King of Spain on 19 June 2014, it was announced that from 2015, the foundation and the awards are to be renamed the Princess of Asturias Awards to reflect the new heiress presumptive to the Spanish throne, Leonor, Princess of Asturias. King Felipe will continue to preside over the awards ceremony until the Princess of Asturias turns 18 (the age of majority for Spanish royal purposes) on 31 October 2023. Princess Leonor first attended the ceremony, handed out awards to winners and delivered her first speech ever as heiress to the crown during the 39th Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony on 18 October 2019. Her father, then Prince Felipe, did the same during the 1st Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony on 31 October 1981.

If a laureate does not attend to the ceremony to collect the award he receives neither the sculpture nor the monetary prize, even if the absence is because of force majeure. Only a few laureates have not attended, among them are Bob Dylan, who refused to go to Oviedo in 2007 but asked for the sculpture unsuccessfully, writer Philip Roth in 2012 for medical reasons and Pau and Marc Gasol in 2015, who were not allowed to attend by their NBA teams.

Categories and Laureates

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing the work of fostering and advancing the art of film-making, theatre, dance, music, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture or any other form of artistic expression.

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing the work of fostering and advancing the sciences and disciplines considered humanistic activities or any activity related to social communication in any of its forms.

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation

The Award given to Claudio Magris in 2004, shown at the exhibition La Trieste di Magris at CCCB in Barcelona during 2011.

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing individual or collective work, in cooperation with another or others, to develop and promote public health, universal education, the protection and defence of the environment, as well as the economic, cultural and social advancement of peoples.

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Literature

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing the work of fostering and advancing literary creation in all its genres.

Year Image Laureate Country Rationale[A] Ref
Prince of Asturias Award for Literature
1981 José Hierro  Spain "the intense lyrical value of his work, which represents a historical testimony and, at the same time, an ethical attitude, both of which are worthy of public acknowledgement."
1982 Miguel Delibes (1998) - 1.tif Miguel Delibes  Spain "the work of each of them, so different from each other and yet, so profoundly expressive about contemporary Spanish reality, observed in very significant spaces, with singular love and fidelity. In both cases their capacity of invention and description has been displayed in a masterful control of the Spanish language, which guarantees their survival in the history of Spanish literature."
Gonzalo Torrente Ballester 1.jpg Gonzalo Torrente Ballester
1983 Rulfo por Lyon.jpg Juan Rulfo  Mexico "the great aesthetic quality, depth of invention, aptness and expressive novelty, as well as his decisive influence on subsequent narrative in his country and the outstanding place he occupies in the world of Spanish literature as a whole."
1984 Pablo García Baena  Spain "for his perseverance in cultivating an independent aesthetic attitude, and for his influence upon new tendencies in Spanish poetry."
1985 Ángel González  Spain "because poetry, through his work, survives the scepticism of an epoch with paradoxical tenderness."
1986 Mario Vargas Llosa (crop 2).jpg Mario Vargas Llosa  Peru "his extraordinary gifts as a story-teller, the wealth and variety of his work, filled with the spirit of creative freedom and his mastery of the language."
Rafael Lapesa.jpg Rafael Lapesa  Spain "his rigorous, constant and profound work in clarifying the history of the Spanish language, as well as his fruitful teaching work in Spain and America."
1987 Camilo José Cela Madrid 1996.jpg Camilo José Cela  Spain "for the high literary quality of his abundant and universally known work and for his singular importance in Spanish letters this century, which he has influenced considerably, reason which making him undoubtedly deserving of this award."
1988 Carmen Martín Gaite.jpg Carmen Martín Gaite  Spain "for her extensive career and recognized merits in the field of contemporary Spanish narrative, within which both she and her work have built a bridge between mid-century realism and the intimacy of the contemporary novel, while paying special attention to the problems of Spanish women of all times."
Jose Angel Valente.jpg José Ángel Valente "because his poetry, continually evolving from its initial existential beat to subsequent phenomenological inquiry, is a deep interrogation into the meaning of the world, captured in dense, symbolic language of disturbing beauty, which has made him into one of the finest contemporary Spanish lyricists."
1989 Ricardo Gullón  Spain "during a whole life which has been passionately dedicated to the study of Spanish letters, has managed to make his research work transcend the limits of criticism to become a revelation of the mystery of artistic invention in mankind, a highly personal and genuine literary creation, though which, with exemplary mastery, he has known how to make modern Spanish literature known in numerous universities in the United States."
1990 Uslar Pietri.jpg Arturo Uslar Pietri  Venezuela "creator of the modern historical novel in Spanish America, whose incessant and fruitful literary activity has greatly contributed to enlivening our common tongue, illuminating the imagination of the New World and enriching the cultural community of the Americas."
1991 The people of Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico "to the people of Puerto Rico, whose representative authorities, with exemplary decisiveness, have declared Spanish to be the only official language of their country."
1992 Francisco Nieva.jpg Francisco Morales Nieva  Spain "his continual work in renewing the finest Spanish theatrical tradition, his creative power with words and the inventiveness of his scenic spaces."
1993 Claudio Rodríguez  Spain "for shedding light upon everyday reality and remaining true to it in his symbolic depth, for his importance in the 50s group of poets and in terms of current young Spanish poetry."
1994 Carlos Fuentes, Paris - Mar 2009 (6).jpg Carlos Fuentes  Mexico "for his defence, in his writings, of freedom of imagination and the dignity of thought; for the contribution made by his work to culture and to universal solidarity and progress for the peoples of the world."
1995 Carlos Bousoño  Spain "an example of creative development characterised by profound existentialist concerns [...] on criticism in the theory of poetic expression, the study of symbolism and the meaning of literary epochs [...] a bridge between different generations of writers. From a position of fine sensitivity, he has always encouraged the youngest Spanish poetry. His books have had a considerable impact in the university world of recent decades."
1996 Francisco Umbral, 1992.jpg Francisco Umbral  Spain "a lively and controversial example of complete dedication to literature. His writing is perpetual and has favoured, in many of his narrative fiction books, the subjects of personal and historic memory. A prominent essayist, a brilliant literary journalist who has turned the daily column into a permanent lesson on verbal art [...] excellence of style [...] capable of lyrical flight and of the most forceful satire, which has renewed our literary language."
1997 Álvaro Mutis - A Pobra do Caramiñal.jpg Álvaro Mutis  Colombia "for the originality and intellectual commitment of his poetic and narrative work [...] His literary creation, unanimously recognized as one of the Spanish-speaking world´s highest achievements, links the tenets of Magic Realism with the concerns of modern man."
1998 Francisco Ayala.jpg Francisco Ayala  Spain "one of the most accomplished intellectual figures of our contemporary literature [...] sociologist, professor in many American universities, memoirist, writer of articles, [...] master in the use of our language. All of his work is characterised by its lucidity, open-mindedness, and delving into the human condition, never afraid of reaching what is at bottom."
1999 Günter Grass auf dem Blauen Sofa.jpg Günter Grass  Germany "whose literary work in the fields of creative and essay writing, and life-long civic-mindedness and humanism make him an outstanding figure in literature, critical humanism and moral commitment in our times. His writing, of great aesthetic quality, pays passionate service to the values of freedom, and the defence of the weak, and gives decisive backing to the fundamental aspects of modern democratic systems."
2000 Augusto Monterroso  Guatemala "His narrative works and essays create a literary universe of extraordinary ethical and aesthetic depth, highlighted by a Cervantine, melancholic sense of humour. His narrative work has changed the short story, and has bestowed upon it a literary intensity and an opening-up towards unprecedented story lines."
2001 Doris Lessing 3.jpg Doris Lessing  United Kingdom "The Jury thus recognises not only one of the unquestionably major figures of world literature, whose work is the fruit of a lifetime's dedication to the narrative, but also a passionate fighter for freedom who has spared no effort in her commitment to Third World causes, both in her literature and in the personal experience that her eventful life has provided her."
2002 Arthur-miller.jpg Arthur Miller  United States "an undeniable master of contemporary drama who has projected modern day society's fears, conflicts and aspirations through the medium of the theatre, demonstrating his noteworthy independence of spirit and critical sense, and reworking the ever-present lessons in humanism of the best in stage production."
2003 2004 Al Azm Mernissi Soroush Mernissi laudatio.tif Fatema Mernissi  Morocco "Both authoresses share having produced literary works in different genres that are of outstanding quality from an aesthetic point of view, and which confront the essential issues of our times with profound depth of vision; they provide complementary perspectives in a dialogue between cultures."
Susan Sontag 1979 ©Lynn Gilbert (headshot).jpg Susan Sontag  United States
2004 Friedenspreis-ffm-2009-magris-012-a.jpg Claudio Magris  Italy "the finest humanistic tradition and the pluralism of early twenty-first century European literature in his work - a multifaceted Europe without frontiers, supportive of others and open to dialogue between cultures. Magris employs a powerful narrative voice in his books to highlight certain niches that constitute a land of freedom within which a yearning takes form: European unity within its historical diversity."
2005 Nelida Pinon by Elisa Cabot.jpg Nélida Piñón  Brazil "author of a stimulating body of literary works artistically founded upon reality and recall, as well as upon fantasy and reverie. Furthermore, diverse literary traditions that constitute a unique theory of the mingling of peoples and cultures all merge in her writing."
2006 Paul Auster BBF 2010 Shankbone.jpg Paul Auster  United States "for the transformation in literature that he has wrought by blending the best of American and European traditions, for the innovation he has brought to narrative style in the cinema, and for integrating a number of devices used by the cinema into literature. Auster has managed to appeal to young readers by exploring new perspectives of reality and by providing an aesthetically pleasing, invaluable account of the problems faced by the individual and by social groups in our times."
2007 Amos oz675.jpg Amos Oz  Israel "a narrator, essayist and journalist that has contributed towards fashioning the Hebrew language into a brilliant instrument for literary art and for the truthful disclosure of the most dire and universal realities of our time, focussing especially on advocating peace amongst peoples and condemning all forms of fanaticism."
2008 Margaret Atwood - Foire du Livre de Francfort (37025811914).jpg Margaret Atwood  Canada "for her outstanding literary work that has explored different genres with acuteness and irony, and because she cleverly assumes the classic tradition, defends women´s dignity and denounces social unfairness."
2009 Ismail Kadare (portret).jpg Ismail Kadare  Albania "for the beauty and profound commitment of his literary works. Using everyday language which is nonetheless full of lyricism, Ismaíl Kadaré narrates the tragedy of his land, an incessant battleground. Giving life to old myths through new words, he expresses all the grief and dramatic load of conscience. His commitment is rooted in the great literary tradition of the Hellenic world, which he projects onto the contemporary stage as an open condemnation of any form of totalitarianism and in defence of reason."
2010 Amin Maalouf par Claude Truong-Ngoc novembre 2013.jpg Amin Maalouf  France "who, through historical fiction and theoretical reflection, has managed to lucidly address the complexity of the human condition. Using intense, suggestive language, Maalouf places us in the grand Mediterranean mosaic of languages, cultures and religions to construct a symbolic space for meeting and understanding. Contrary to desperation, resignation or victimism, his work traces a path of its own towards tolerance and reconciliation, a bridge that extends deeply into the shared roots of peoples and cultures."
2011 Leonard Cohen, 1988 01.jpg Leonard Cohen  Canada "for a body of literary work that has influenced three generations of people worldwide through his creation of emotional imagery in which poetry and music are fused in an oeuvre of immutable merit. The passing of time, sentimental relationships, the mystical traditions of the East and the West and life sung as an unending ballad make up a body of work associated with certain moments of decisive change at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century."
2012 Philip Roth - 1973.jpg Philip Roth[B]  United States "The narrative work of Philip Roth forms part of the great American novel, in the tradition of Dos Passos, Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, Bellow and Malamud. Characters, events and plots form a complex view of contemporary reality torn between reason and feeling, such as the sign of the times and the sense of unease about the present. His literary quality is displayed in his fluid, incisive writing."
2013 Munoz Molina Antonio Koeln 160911.jpg Antonio Muñoz Molina  Spain "for the depth and brilliance with which he has narrated relevant fragments of his country’s history, crucial episodes of the contemporary world and meaningful aspects of his personal experience. A body of work which admirably reveals his condition as an intellectual with a commitment to his time."
2014 John Banville (2019) III.jpg John Banville  Ireland "for his intelligent, insightful and original work as a novelist, and on his alter ego, Benjamin Black, author of disturbing, critical crime novels. John Banville’s prose opens up dazzling lyrical landscapes through cultural references in which he breathes new life into classical myths and beauty goes hand in hand with irony. At the same time, he displays an intense analysis of complex human beings that ensnare us in their descent into the darkness of baseness or in their existential fellowship. Each of his works attracts and delights for his skill in developing the plot and his mastery of registers and expressive nuances, as well as for his reflections on the secrets of the human heart."
Princess of Asturias Award for Literature
2015 Leonardo Padura.jpg Leonardo Padura  Cuba "a decidedly contemporary author rooted in tradition; an investigator of both what is considered cultured and what is considered popular; an independent intellectual, with a firm ethical temperament. In Leonardo Padura’s vast body of work, which covers all genres of prose, one recourse that characterizes his literary resolve stands out: an interest in listening to people’s voices and the lost stories of others. Via his fiction, Padura reveals the challenges and limits involved in the search for truth. An impeccable exploration of history and the ways of recounting it. His work is a magnificent adventure of dialogue and freedom."
2016 Richard Ford at Göteborg Book Fair 2013 01.jpg Richard Ford  United States "His work forms part of the great tradition of the 20th-century American novel. [...] his characters, plots and story lines are defined by an ironic, minimalist sense of epic. The careful attention to detail in his descriptions and his sombre, dense gaze at the daily lives of anonymous, invisible people meld with the desolation and emotions emanating from his stories. All this makes Ford a profoundly contemporary narrator, as well as the great chronicler of the mosaic of interwoven tales that is American society."
2017 Adam Zagajewski 2014 in Stockholm.jpg Adam Zagajewski  Poland "In addition to his reflections on creation and his intense work of memorialization, Zagajewski’s poetry validates the ethical sense of literature and in a single, yet diverse voice in his native Polish accent unites Western tradition, all the while reflecting on the sorrows of exile. Careful attention to lyrical imagery, the intimate experience of time and the conviction that a certain brilliance feeds the flame of artistic creation form the inspiration for one of the most exciting poetic experiences of this Europe, heir to Rilke, Miłosz and Antonio Machado."
2018 Fred Vargas.jpg Fred Vargas[B]  France "the originality of her plots, the irony with which she describes the characters, the depth of her cultural insights and her overflowing imagination, which opens up unprecedented literary horizons to readers. Her writing combines intrigue, action and reflection at a pace that recalls the characteristic musicality of fine French prose. In each of her novels, history emerges as a metaphor of an unsettling present. The vicissitudes of time and the exposure of evil are combined in a solid literary architecture, set against a disquieting backdrop that, for the reader’s enjoyment, is always solved as a logical challenge."
2019 9.21.14SiriHustvedtByLuigiNovi2.jpg Siri Hustvedt  United States "Her work is one of the most ambitious on today’s literary scene. Employing a feminist perspective, she addresses a variety of the facets that sketch a convulsive, disconcerting present. Furthermore, she does so using fiction and the essay, as an intellectual concerned with the fundamental issues of contemporary ethics. Translated into more than thirty languages, her work contributes to interdisciplinary dialogue between the humanities and the sciences."
2020 Anne Carson  Canada "In the different areas of her writing, Anne Carson has attained levels of intensity and intellectual standing that place her among the most outstanding of present-day writers. From the study of the Greco-Latin world, she has built a body of innovative poetics in which the vitality of great classical thought acts as a map to invite the reader to elucidate the complexities of the current moment in time. Her oeuvre maintains a commitment to emotion and thought, with the study of tradition and the renewed presence of the Humanities as a way to achieve an enhanced awareness of our time."
2021 Emmanuel Carrère.jpg Emmanuel Carrère  France "Emmanuel Carrère has constructed a highly personal oeuvre that generates a new space for expression which erases the boundaries between reality and fiction. His books contribute to the unmasking of the human condition while relentlessly dissecting reality. Carrère draws an incisive portrait of contemporary society and has exerted a notable influence on the literature of our time, in addition to showing a strong commitment to writing as a vocation inseparable from life itself."
2022 Mayorga, Juan -NF 20181130 fRF06.jpg Juan Mayorga  Spain "for the tremendous quality, critical insight and intellectual commitment of his oeuvre: action, emotion, poetry and thought. Since his beginnings as a playwright, Mayorga has proposed a formidable renovation of theatre, endowing it with a moral and philosophical concern that challenges our society by conceiving his work as a theatre for the future and for the essential dignity of human beings."

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing creative and/or research work in the field of history, law, linguistics, teaching, political science, psychology, sociology, ethics, philosophy, geography, economics, demography or anthropology, as well as in the disciplines corresponding to each of these fields.

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Sports

First awarded in 1987 it is aimed at recognizing careers which, via the promotion, fostering and advancement of sport and sense of solidarity and commitment, have become an example of the benefits that practising sports can bring to people.

Year Image Laureate Country Sport Rationale[A] Ref
Prince of Asturias Award for Sports
1987 Lord Coe - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 cropped.jpg Sebastian Coe  United Kingdom Athletics "the exemplary sporting and Olympic career, as well as his personality, representative of the concerns of athletes and his committed participation in promoting sport."
1988 Juan Antonio Samaranch DF-ST-01-00128.jpg Juan Antonio Samaranch  Spain Olympics "a life-long career dedicated to encouraging Spanish and international sport, especially in an Olympic year in which he managed to overcome enormous difficulties to maintain the universality of the Olympics."
1989 Seve Ballesteros by Joe Austen.JPG Severiano Ballesteros  Spain Golf "the development of a sporting personality who has managed to reach the position of number one in the world of golf in recent years."
1990 Sito Pons 1991 Laguna Seca.jpeg Sito Pons  Spain Motorcycle "exceptional sporting career [...] his personal contribution to anti-drug publicity and the active part he has played in road safety campaigns."
1991 Sergey Bubka 2013.jpg Sergey Bubka  Soviet Union Athletics "His extraordinary sporting development has led him to constantly surpass the successive world records for this event [the pole-vault], ever since he first jumped over 5.85 metres in 1984."
1992 Miguel Indurain en la Vuelta a Castilla y León 2009 (cropped).jpg Miguel Induráin  Spain Cycling "His personality, character and temperament, together with his charisma, simplicity and modesty, have always gone hand in hand with his great qualities as a sportsman."
1993 Javier Sotomayor 2009.jpg Javier Sotomayor  Cuba Athletics "This charismatic, twenty-six-year-old Cuban athlete is currently the Olympic high-jump champion. He is also World Champion and world record-holder, which he achieved on the 27 June 1993 with a jump of 2.45 m."
1994 MartinaNavratilovaSept2011.jpg Martina Navratilova  United States Tennis "the legendary tennis champion who, with eighteen grand slam titles, has been at the forefront of world tennis for more than a decade."
1995 Hassiba Boulmerka  Algeria Athletics "the sporting values of this athlete and the human values which grace her. Boulmerka is a representative of a country and of a world in which the facilities for playing sports are not the most favourable for women."
1996 Carl Lewis.jpg Carl Lewis[B]  United States Athletics "besides his impressive list of victories which have led him to be known as the "son of the wind", his exemplary participation in the struggle against doping."
1997 Spain Marathon team: Abel Antón, Martín Fiz, José Manuel García, Fabián Roncero, Alberto Juzdado and Diego García  Spain Athletics "Athletes who, successively, have won the European Championship of 1994 (first, second, third), the 1995 world championships (Martín Fiz), the 1997 world championships (Abel Antón), and the 1997 World Cup, with Abel Antón finishing first; Martín Fiz, second; Fabián Roncero, sixth; and José Manuel García, fifteenth."
1998 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.JPG Arantxa Sánchez Vicario  Spain Tennis "she is an example of steadfastness and sacrifice and a model to be imitated by professionals the world over. Her human qualities have distinguished her as well."
1999 Steffi Graf in Hamburg 2010 (cropped).jpg Steffi Graf  Germany Tennis "She won 22 Grand Slam tournament victories and was leader of the Professional Tennis Players ranking for 377 weeks."
2000 Lance Armstrong (Tour Down Under 2009).jpg Lance Armstrong[B]  United States Cycling "In the world of sport, the two-times winner of the Tour de France stands for man's struggle to overcome illnesses that in many cases are considered terminal."
2001 Manel Estiarte (Diada de Sant Jordi 2009).jpg Manuel Estiarte  Spain Water polo "a remarkable case in Spanish and world sport, having participated in six consecutive Olympic Games, as well as in the European and World Championships."
2002 Brazil national football team  Brazil Football "winning five World Championships is as important as the grass-roots impact of football in Brazil. Besides being a sport, it is a sentiment and a passion shared by the whole of the Brazilian nation."
2003 Tour de France  France Cycling "one of the world's major sporting events, and has symbolised the grandeur of cycling for one hundred years. From its very inception it has embodied the noblest of values: individual endeavour, teamwork and the will to excel. It has forged sportsmen of legend who continue to live on in our collective memory."
2004 Hicham El Guerrouj cropped.jpg Hicham El Guerrouj  Morocco Athletics "his success represents that of a man who has known how to rebel against misfortune, since winning medals at the highest level of world competition had proved difficult [...] his firm commitment to sport and society and especially to the young and those most in need."
2005 Alonso 2016.jpg Fernando Alonso  Spain Formula One "succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of his sport after years of self-sacrifice and hardship [...] today he is an example to the youth of Spain and the world in general, for his ongoing career is the outcome of an unshakeable desire to make it to the top."
2006 Spain men's national basketball team  Spain Basketball "This extraordinary generation of players, led by Pau Gasol and coached by José Vicente "Pepu" Hernández, has conveyed to the world, and especially to the young, a renewed thrill in the fostering and nurturing of sports."
2007 Schumacher china 2012 crop.jpg Michael Schumacher  Germany Formula One "The career of this sportsman bespeaks the greatest accomplishments achieved in every category [...] His humanitarian values have been acknowledged by numerous worldwide associations."
2008 Rafael Nadal 2011 Roland Garros 2011-crop.jpg Rafael Nadal  Spain Tennis "The way he reacts after a victory and the way he highlights the merits of his opponents is particularly admirable. He has also recently established a charitable foundation bearing his name which focuses on social work among disadvantaged groups and cooperation for development."
2009 Yelena Isinbayeva by Augustas Didzgalvis.jpg Yelena Isinbayeva  Russia Athletics "Considered the best pole-vaulter of all times, Yelena Isinbayeva has achieved historic records and has become the only female pole-vaulter ever to clear the 5.00 metre barrier, setting a total of 27 world records in this sport."
2010 Spain national football team  Spain Football "Their exemplary way of understanding football, based on sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork, has brought millions of people together around a team that has made history."
2011 Olympic great Haile Gebrselassie speaking at the Olympic hunger summit in Downing Street, 12 August 2012.jpg Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia Athletics "an extraordinary example of sacrifice and self-improvement [...] His commitment to peace and understanding through sport and his humanitarian and social work in Ethiopia have made him an ethical role model for a whole generation of athletes worldwide."
2012 Iker Casillas 2.jpg Iker Casillas  Spain Football "an example of fair play that is admired by all. They have jointly shown a conciliatory attitude that has smoothed out traditional differences between players and supporters."
Xavi Hernandez (31521652051).jpg Xavi Hernández
2013 KLM Open 2009 Olazabal.JPG José María Olazábal  Spain Golf "Worthy successor to the spirit of the legendary Severiano Ballesteros, the jury has taken into account the commendable capacity to go even further that Olazábal has shown throughout his long and brilliant career, along with his competitive spirit and qualities as a human being admired by all."
2014 New York City Marathon  United States Athletics "This ultimate expression of sport, citizen involvement and the spirit of solidarity is reflected on the first Sunday in November each year in a tradition boasting major media coverage, in which the entire city is infused with collective enthusiasm to run the legendary 42 kilometres and 195 meters."
Princess of Asturias Award for Sports
2015 PauGasol libro 2018.jpg Pau Gasol[B]  Spain Basketball "two brothers and extraordinary sportsmen who have combined major sporting achievements with exemplary social work."
Marc Gasol 20131118 Clippers v Grizzles (cropped).jpg Marc Gasol[B]
2016 Francisco Javier Gomez Tours2011.jpg Francisco Javier Gómez Noya  Spain Triathlon "Besides his brilliant, incontestable track record, the Jury has prized the values of effort and perseverance in the face of adversity and the enormous fortitude and commendable spirit of self-improvement he has shown throughout his career."
2017 New Zealand national rugby union team  New Zealand Rugby union "Having become an icon of the sport worldwide, the All Blacks are also considered an example of racial and cultural integration, conveying values of unity, friendship, solidarity and sportsmanship."
2018 Reinhold Messner at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 (26) (cropped).jpg Reinhold Messner  Italy Alpinism "both, through their numerous expeditions to the Himalayas, have accomplished great feats and have marked new milestones, becoming an example and inspiration for new generations of climbers."
2018 - Pol’and’Rock Festival - Krzysztof Wielicki 02.jpg Krzysztof Wielicki  Poland
2019 2017 Audi FIS Ski Weltcup Garmisch-Partenkirchen Damen - Lindsey Vonn - by 2eight - 8SC8048.jpg Lindsey Vonn  United States Alpine skiing "the female skier with the most victories in the history of the Alpine Ski World Cup [...] her commitment to future generations, having established a foundation that bears her name to provide support and guidance to young women via the transmission of educational, sporting and personal development values."
2020 Carlos Sainz 2014 Dakar.jpg Carlos Sainz  Spain Rally "his exceptional performance as a racing driver throughout an outstanding, diverse and ground-breaking career spanning more than three decades among the elite of his sport [...] voted the best rally driver of all time [...] a great spirit of competitiveness and the will to overcome obstacles combined with effort, discipline and solidarity, which has also been reflected in his constant support for young drivers throughout his long and successful sporting career."
2021 Teresa Perales - 01.jpg Teresa Perales  Spain Swimming "an icon of the international Paralympic movement. Throughout her long and brilliant career [...] she has established an exceptional track record only comparable to her profound, active and courageous commitment to social issues. As a sportswoman, she epitomises the most admirable sporting values. This award recognizes the effort and ability to overcome obstacles of an entire group worldwide."
2022 The Olympic Refuge Foundation and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team Olympics "for the opportunity they afford athletes in conflict zones and places where human rights are violated, preventing them from being able to perform their sporting and personal activities."

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research

First awarded in 1981 it is aimed at recognizing the work of fostering and advancing research in the field of mathematics, astronomy and astrophysics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, medical sciences, earth and space sciences or technological sciences, including those disciplines corresponding to each of these fields as well as their related technologies.

Prince or Princess of Asturias Award for Concord

First awarded in 1986 it is aimed at recognizing the work of defending and advancing human rights, as well as promoting and protecting peace, freedom, solidarity, world heritage and, in general, the progress of humanity.

Exemplary Town of Asturias

Every year, a town or community organization in the Principality of Asturias is chosen to receive this award, a royal visit, and a prize of €25,000.

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