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Protasius (bishop of Milan)

Archbishop of Milan
B3 Protaso 29m.JPG
ChurchCatholic Church
Appointed328 AD
Term endedc. 343
SuccessorEustorgius I
Personal details
Diedc. 343
Feast day24 November
Venerated inCatholic Church
ShrinesOratorio di San Protaso

Protasius (Italian: Protaso) was Archbishop of Milan. He is honored as a saint in the Catholic Church, with his feast day celebrated on 24 November, the day of his death.[1]


Almost nothing is known about the life of Protasius. He was elected bishop of Milan in 328, and served until his death, about 343.[2]

Athanasius of Alexandria, in his Apologia ad Constantium[3], mentioned that Protasius was with him when he spoke to the Roman Emperor Constantius II; this episode can be dated about 342 or 343.[4] In 343, Protasius attended the Council of Sardica and signed its decrees, standing up against the Arians and supporting the faith of the Council of Nicaea.[2]

Protasius died about 343 on 24 November. His body was buried in Milan in the Church of San Vittore al Corpo (Saint Victor Maurus), where it is venerated still. A late tradition, with no historical basis, associates Protasius with a Milanese family, the Algisi.[4]


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