Rawa Blues Festival

Rawa Blues Festival
Irek Dudek Rawa Blues 2010 011.jpg
Irek Dudek Rawa Blues 2010
Location(s)Katowice in Poland
Years active1981-present
WebsiteOfficial website

Rawa Blues Festival (pronounced rava) is one of the largest (world's largest indoor blues festival) and most popular blues festivals in Europe and in the world. The festival was named after the Rawa River, which flows through the city of Katowice in Poland. The first edition was held in April 1981.

Among the highlights of past festivals were: Luther Allison, Junior Wells, Koko Taylor, Carey Bell, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, C. J. Chenier, Nora Jean Bruso, Rory Block, Little Charlie & the Nightcats, as well as many Polish blues legends such as Tadeusz Nalepa, Slawek Wierzcholski, Dżem and many others. Head of the festival is Ireneusz Dudek a.k.a. "Shakin' Dudi".

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