Rita Roland

Rita Roland
Rita Victoria Rosenstein

October 5, 1914
Berlin, Germany
DiedAugust 17, 1998(1998-08-17) (aged 83)
Los Angeles, California, USA
OccupationFilm editor
Spouse(s)Henry Martin

Rita Roland (born Rita Rosenstein) was a prolific German-born film editor known for her work on German and American films like Six Pack, The New Kids, and Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff.[1]


Rita Rosenstein was born in Germany to Ernst Rosenstein and Elsa Landsberger. She began her career as a film editor back in her native country before World War II. She fled Germany during the Holocaust, moving to Hollywood, where she cut dozens of films for MGM before she died in 1998.[2] She was survived by her husband, Dutch writer-director Henry Martin.

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