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Rob Nicholson (musician)

Rob Nicholson
Nicholson performing in 2011
Nicholson performing in 2011
Background information
Born (1969-11-24) November 24, 1969 (age 52)
United States
GenresHeavy metal, alternative metal
Years active1987–present

Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (born November 24, 1969) is an American bassist. His influences include heavy metal bands Iron Maiden, Motörhead, and Corrosion of Conformity. He performed on Rob Zombie's solo albums and is currently part of Ozzy Osbourne's band. He is also noted for his contribution as bassist to metal band Cryptic Slaughter within underground metal circles.


Cryptic Slaughter (1984–1988)

Nicholson began his career playing bass for the Santa Monica, California-based speed/thrash metal band Cryptic Slaughter, performing on several of their albums.

Drown (1993–1994)

Formed in 1987 by vocalist Lauren Boquette under the name Yesterday's Tear, Drown was rounded out by Nicholson (bass), Joseph Bishara (guitars/keyboards), and Todd Allen (drums).

Suffer (1995–1996)

Suffer was formed by bassist Bruce Albertson with Nicholson after leaving Drown, switching from bass to lead vocals and guitar. The lineup also featured from Drown drummer Todd Allen. Todd Allen was invited to play drums by Bruce when Johnny Hill of Funhouse left. Suffer managed to score a deal with Walt Disney Music and used the money to finance a seven-song EP, "Heads You Lose, Tails I Win", but broke up shortly after the release.

Killing Spree (1997)

Nicholson was invited to contribute lead vocals on the band's debut release, "Terror From Beyond Space", issued by Napalm Records in 1997. Killing Spree was founded by former Sickening Gore members Jerry McKenzie (guitar) and Chris Huwiler (drums), and also featured Trebor Dunn (programming) and future Body Count bassist Vince Dennis a.k.a. Vincent Price, although bass on the album is credited to Elrich Von Vader. The band never performed live.

Danzig (1997–1998)

Nicholson joined the band Danzig in September 1997, but, like his last band, he did not appear on any of their albums. He departed from the band in April 1998.

Rob Zombie (1998–2006)

Nicholson toured with Rob Zombie, where he began using the nickname "Blasko". He went on to play on three of Rob Zombie's solo albums (Hellbilly Deluxe, The Sinister Urge, & Educated Horses).

The Death Riders (2005)

While with Rob Zombie, Nicholson spent some time to work on a side project with the founder of Coffin Case, Johnny Coffin. The band was composed of Coffin on lead guitar, Daniel Gray on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, DC on drums, and Nicholson on bass. Their debut album, The Soundtrack to Depression, was released via the label Horror High.

Ozzy Osbourne (2003–current)

Nicholson (second from left) with Ozzy Osbourne in 2011

In 2003, Nicholson replaced Jason Newsted as Ozzy Osbourne's bassist. After Osbourne's band rehearsed for a fall tour, Osbourne was injured in a bad ATV accident in October 2003; the fall tour was cancelled. After Osbourne's recovery, Nicholson performed with Black Sabbath on Ozzfest 2004, and with Osbourne on select dates for Ozzfest 2006. Nicholson officially marked his membership in Osbourne's band when he was featured as the bassist on Osbourne's 10th studio album Black Rain, which was released on May 22, 2007. Since then, Nicholson has played for Osbourne on all live shows including Ozzfest tours, and notably on an American tour with Rob Zombie. He followed that up with Osbourne's 11th studio album, Scream, released in 2010.

Side projects

Zakk Sabbath

Zakk Sabbath is a Black Sabbath tribute band fronted by Zakk Wylde.


Nicholson worked on the 2008 film Repo! The Genetic Opera, performing on the soundtrack.


Nicholson is currently the band manager of Black Veil Brides and also produced their album We Stitch These Wounds. He is the former manager of In This Moment.


with Cryptic Slaughter

  • 1986: Convicted
  • 1987: Money Talks
  • 1988: Stream of Consciousness

with Drown

  • 1994: Hold On to the Hollow

with Suffer

  • 1996: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose EP

with Killing Spree

  • 1997: Terror from Beyond Space

with Rob Zombie

with The Death Riders

  • 2005: Soundtrack for Depression
  • TBA: And Then Came the Rain...

with Ozzy Osbourne

Guest work

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