Developer(s)fruux (Project lead: Evert Pot)
Stable release
4.4.0 / June 27, 2022; 19 months ago (2022-06-27)
Written inPHP
PlatformBSD, Linux, Mac, Windows
TypeWebDAV file server, group calendar server
LicenseNew BSD Edit this on Wikidata

sabre/dav is an open source WebDAV server, developed by fruux and built in PHP. It is an implementation of the WebDAV protocol (with extensions for CalDAV and CardDAV), providing a native PHP server implementation which operates on Apache 2 and Nginx web servers.


  • Provides a complete framework for providing virtual or filesystem-based WebDAV server implementations.
  • Passes the complete WebDAV Litmus test suite.
  • Includes plugins for CalDAV and CardDAV support.

RFC Support

  • RFC 2518 Obsolete WebDAV specification
  • RFC 2617 Basic and digest HTTP auth
  • RFC 3744 Access Control
  • RFC 4331 Quota and Size Properties
  • RFC 4709 Mounting WebDAV Servers
  • RFC 4791 CalDAV
  • RFC 4918 Current WebDAV specification
  • RFC 5397 Current Principal Extension
  • RFC 5689 Extended MKCOL
  • RFC 6350 vCard Format Specification (v4.0)
  • RFC 6352 CardDAV
  • RFC 6578 WebDAV-Sync
  • RFC 6638 Scheduling Extensions to CalDAV
  • RFC 6868 Parameter encoding for vcard/icalendar
  • RFC 7095 jCard: The JSON Format for vCard
  • RFC 7265 jCal


sabre/dav supports PHP versions up to 8.X

Supported clients

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