Seasons of Love (film)

Seasons of Love
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Also known as''Love on the Land''
Based onThe Earth Abideth by George Dell
Written byJoe Wiesenfeld
Directed byDaniel Petrie
StarringPeter Strauss
Rachel Ward
Rip Torn
Theme music composerPeter Breiner
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Trudy Grant
Peter Strauss
Producer(s)Kevin Sullivan
CinematographyRon Orieux
Editor(s)Mairin Wilkinson
Running time240 minutes
Production company(s)Sullivan Entertainment
Original networkCBS
Original releaseMarch 7 –
9, 1999

Seasons of Love (also known as Love on the Land in Canada) is a four-hour Canadian television miniseries based on the acclaimed novel The Earth Abideth by George Dell. The book, which was for many years a buried treasure, was found by the author’s daughter-in-law and sent to Ohio State Press. It was written in 1934 but not published until 1988.[1]

The two part miniseries, produced for CBS by Sullivan Entertainment (Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea) was originally broadcast in the US on March 7 and 9, 1999, under the title Seasons of Love. In Canada, it was subsequently broadcast on television and released on home video under the title Love on the Land. The film, directed by Daniel Petrie and starring Peter Strauss, Rachel Ward, Rip Torn and Hume Cronyn, was shot on location in Toronto and at Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario.[2][3]


Love on the Land is an epic drama spanning forty years in the lives of Thomas Linthorne (Peter Strauss) and his wife Kate (Rachel Ward) as they endure trials and tribulations while raising their family in rural Ohio during the period after the Civil War. When Thomas sets out to start a new life, he acquires a large piece of land and goes on a search for the woman of his dreams. He rescues Kate from an abusive relationship, and they develop a strong love for one another. Kate is unaware of the threat standing before her when a beautiful married woman moves in next door. Thomas’ choices threaten to destroy his family, his marriage, and his life.

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