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Sid Ahmed Ghozali

Sid Ahmed Ghozali (Arabic: سيد أحمد غزالي‎) (born 31 March 1937 in Maghnia, Algeria) is an Algerian politician who was the Prime Minister of Algeria from 1991 to 1992.

Early life

He was a member of the National Liberation Front party and an ally of President Houari Boumedienne, under whom he served as head of Sonatrach from 1966 to 1977, when he became Minister of Energy and Industry. He was removed from this post by the new president Chadli Bendjedid in 1979, becoming ambassador to France, but was brought back in 1988 as Minister of Finance until 1989,[1] then foreign minister until 1991. On 5 June 1991 he succeeded Mouloud Hamrouche as Prime Minister; he remained Prime Minister following the January 1992 resignation of Bendjedid and takeover by the military, but he resigned on 8 July that year, shortly after the assassination of Mohammed Boudiaf. He ran for president in the 1999 elections, and attempted to do so again in 2004, but was disqualified by the Constitutional Council.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Mouloud Hamrouche
Head of Government of Algeria
Succeeded by
Belaid Abdessalam

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