LocationCanton of Lucerne
Coordinates47°5′25″N 8°4′51″E / 47.09028°N 8.08083°E / 47.09028; 8.08083Coordinates: 47°5′25″N 8°4′51″E / 47.09028°N 8.08083°E / 47.09028; 8.08083
Basin countriesSwitzerland
Surface area22.7 ha (56 acres)
Max. depth27 m (89 ft)
Surface elevation596 m (1,955 ft)

Soppensee is a lake in Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. The surface area is 22.7 ha (56 acres). The lake and its surroundings are located in the municipalities of Buttisholz, Menznau and Ruswil.

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