Soundedit Festival

International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers
Location(s)Łódź, Poland
Years active2009 – present
Founded byArt Industry Foundation

SOUNDEDIT (International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers SOUNDEDIT) − an annual, international festival dedicated to music producers and sound designers. Since its beginning in 2009, the festival has been taking place in Łódź, Poland. The main award of the festival is The Man with the Golden Ear Award.

The main organizer of SOUNDEDIT is Art Industry Foundation established by Marcin Tercjak (a music journalist and Radio Łódź presenter) and Maciej Werk (a music producer and the leader of alternative music group Hedone). The chairman of the foundation and the director of the festival is Maciej Werk.

Aims of the festival

According to the organizers, the festival is an "attempt to honor those who stand behind the tedious process of creating a song or a whole album".[1]

The other basics aims of the festival are:[2]

  • To make Łodz a place of annual meetings of the most remarkable music producers and sound designers (...).
  • Building the prestige of The Man With The Golden Ear Award so that it becomes a well-known and highly desirable award.
  • Organizing exceptional concerts which will accompany meetings with music producers.
  • Developing educational activity in the field of music and recording techniques.
  • Creating an annual, important and valued event in Łodz, a city of rich musical traditions.

The Man with the Golden Ear Award laureates












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