Stanisław Dygat

Stanisław Dygat

Stanisław Dygat (5 December 1914, Warsaw – 29 January 1978, Warsaw) was a Polish writer. His most famous novel, "Jezioro Bodeńskie" ("Lake Constance"), was written during World War II and published in 1946. All of his works are partly autobiographical (ex. because of his French origin, he was an internee in Constance in 1939).

Selected novels

  • 1948 – Pożegnania (Farewells, in 1958 a film based on the book was released),
  • 1958 – Podróż ("Journey"),
  • 1965 – Disneyland,
  • 1973 – Dworzec w Monachium ("Railway station in Munich").

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