Stephanie Says

"Stephanie Says"
Song by The Velvet Underground
RecordedFebruary 13–14, 1968[1]
GenreBaroque pop
Songwriter(s)Lou Reed
Producer(s)Val Valentin[1]

"Stephanie Says" is a song by The Velvet Underground, originally recorded in 1968. Although available on various bootlegs, the song was not released officially until 1985 when a remixed version appeared on the album VU, and subsequently on the 1995 box set Peel Slowly and See. The original 1968 mix of "Stephanie Says" was included on the 2005 Velvet Underground compilation album Gold.

Lou Reed rewrote the lyrics and renamed it "Caroline Says (II)" for his 1973 solo album Berlin. While vastly different in tone, it retained the refrain "It's so cold in Alaska".

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