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Sternohyoid muscle
Muscles of neck. Sternohyoideus labeled at middle, just to the right of thyroid cartilage.
Muscles of the neck. Lateral view. Sternohyoid muscle labeled
Originmanubrium of sternum
Insertionhyoid bone
Arterysuperior thyroid artery
NerveC1-C3 by a branch of ansa cervicalis
Actionsdepresses hyoid
Latinmusculus sternohyoideus
Anatomical terms of muscle

The sternohyoid muscle is a bilaterally paired, long, thin, narrow strap muscle of the anterior neck. It is one of the infrahyoid muscles. It is innervated by the ansa cervicalis. It acts to depress the hyoid bone.


The sternohyoid muscle is one of the paired strap muscles of the infrahyoid muscles.[verification needed]

The muscle is directed superomedially from its origin to its insertion. The two muscles are separated by a considerable interval inferiorly, but usually converge by their mid-point and remain proximal until their superior insertion.

Sternohyoid muscle oblique view


It arises from the posterior aspect of the medial end (sternal extremity of the clavicle, the posterior sternoclavicular ligament, and (the superoposterior portion of) the manubrium of sternum.

It inserts onto the inferior border of the body of hyoid bone.

Nerve supply

The sternohyoid muscle receives motor innervation from branches of the ansa cervicalis (which are ultimately derived from cervical spinal nerves C1-C3).


The muscle is situated lateral to the trachea.


The muscle may be absent, doubled, exhibit a clavicular slip (the cleidohyoideus), or interrupted by a tendinous intersection; it sometimes presents a transverse tendinous inscription just distal to its origin.[citation needed]


The muscle depresses the hyoid bone when the bone is in an elevated position.


The sternohyoid muscle performs a number of functions:

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