Taynton Limestone Formation (Redirected from Stonesfield Slate)

Taynton Limestone
Stratigraphic range: Bathonian
TypeGeological formation
Unit ofGreat Oolite Group
UnderliesHampen Formation, Rutland Formation
OverliesFuller's Earth Formation, Sharp's Hill Formation, Horsehay Sand Formation
Thickness0-11 m
OtherMarl, Sandstone
Country England
Type section
Named forTaynton, Oxfordshire
LocationLee's Quarry, Taynton Down, Oxfordshire

The Taynton Limestone[1] is a geological formation in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. It dates to the Middle Jurassic, mid-Bathonian stage.[2] It predominanty consists of ooidal grainstone.[3] The term "Stonesfield Slate" refers to slaty limestone horizons within the formation that during the 18th and 19th centuries were extensively quarried for use in roof tiling within the vicinity of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire. Previously these were thought to belong to the Sharp's Hill Formation, but boreholes and shaft sections suggest that at least three horizons within the Taynton Limestone were quarried for the slate.[4] These horizons are well known for producing a diverse set of fossils including those of plants, insects as well as vertebrates, including some of the earliest known mammals, pterosaurs as well as those of first dinosaur ever described, Megalosaurus.

Vertebrate fauna


Reptiles of the Stonesfield Slate[5]
Taxa Species Material Location Notes Images
Iliosuchus I. incognitus Two ilia Not distingusiable from Megalosaurus
Megalosaurus M. bucklandii Isolated remains including several dentaries, maxillas and postcranial bones from multiple individuals A Megalosaurid, also present in the Chipping Norton and Sharp's Hill Formations
Klobiodon[6] K. rochei Partial dentary with teeth A rhamphorhynchid pterosaur
Protochelys P. blakii Isolated epidermal scales, coracoid, plastron fragment[7] Nomen dubium, Testudinata indet
Teleosaurus T. geoffroyi A Teleosaurid


Mammaliamorphs of the Stonesfield Slate[5]
Taxa Species Material Location Notes Images
Amphilestes A. broderipii Two left mandibles and right mandible Stonesfield Slate quarries Amphilestid
Amphitherium A. prevostii Partial left mandible and a right mandible Amphitheriidae
A. rixoni Right dentary
Stereognathus S. ooliticus Teeth Tritylodontid
Phascolotherium P. bucklandii Right mandible and left ramus Amphilestid

Invertebrate fauna

Invertebrates of the Stonesfield Slate
Taxa Presence Notes Images


  1. Geographically present at Stonesfield.[8]


The flora known from the Stonesfield Slate comprises a relatively diverse flora, with 25 morphospecies present. It primarily represents a coastal environment, perhaps seasonally dry with mangrove like environments. It is noticeably different assembelage than the Yorkshire floras of equivalent age, possibly because the latter is thought to represent a deltaic, wetland environment[9]

Flora of the Stonesfield Slate
Taxa Species Material Location Notes Images
cf. Dictyophyllum Indeterminate Fern, Member of Dipteridaceae
Phlebopteris P. woodwardii Fern, Member of Matoniaceae
cf. Coniopteris Indeterminate Fern, Member of Dicksoniaceae
Sagenopteris S. colpodes Member of Caytoniales
Ctenozamites cf. leckenbyi Member of Peltaspermales
Pachyptermis P. macrophylla Member of Peltaspermales
Komlopteris K. speciosa Member of Peltaspermales
Ctenis C. cf. sulcicaulis, sp Cycad
Ptilophyllum P. pectiniformis, P. cf hirsutum Member of Bennettitales
Sphenozamites S. bellii Member of Bennettitales
?Weltrichia Indeterminate Member of Bennettitales

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