Superior nasal concha

Superior nasal concha
Ethmoid bone from behind.
Lateral wall of nasal cavity, showing ethmoid bone in position. (Superior nasal concha is at top of pink region.)
Latinconcha nasi superior,
concha nasalis superior
Anatomical terms of bone

The superior nasal concha is a small, curved plate of bone representing a medial bony process of the labyrinth of the ethmoid bone. The superior nasal concha forms the roof of the superior nasal meatus.: 692 


Anatomical relations

The superior nasal concha is situated posterosuperiorly to the middle nasal concha. It forms the superior boundary of the superior nasal meatus. Superior to the superior nasal concha is the sphenoethmoidal recess where the sphenoid sinus communicates with the nasal cavity; the sphenoethmoidal recess is interposed between the superior nasal concha, and (the anterior aspect of) the body of sphenoid bone.: 692  The sphenoid sinus ostium exists medial to the superior turbinate.

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