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TypeAthletic Union
Established1901 (1901)
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AffiliationsBritish Universities and Colleges Sport, Durham University

Team Durham (formerly Durham University Athletic Union, DUAU) is a student-run organisation responsible for sport at Durham University. In contrast to most British universities it is a separate organisation with the status of a students' union, rather than a part of Durham Students' Union, the primary student representative body at Durham University.

Team Durham awards the Palatinate, an equivalent of the University Sporting Blue. Famous recipients of a Full Palatinate include cricketer Nasser Hussain, triple jumper Jonathan Edwards and rugby player Phil de Glanville.

College sport (intramural sports)

The Athletic Union is responsible for the administration of the largest intramural sports programme in terms of percentage participation in the United Kingdom.[1] The league sports administered are badminton, basketball, cricket (indoor and outdoor), football (11-a-side and 6-a-side), hockey, netball, rugby union, squash, table tennis, tennis and ultimate. One-off tournaments are also arranged in athletics, volleyball, sailing, swimming and water polo.

Recent form

The Union is affiliated to British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and was ranked 2nd (behind Loughborough in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2106.[2] Durham are known particularly for team sports, and were ranked top in BUCS for team sports in 2014-15, when they also became only the second team (after Loughborough) to gain over 4000 BUCS points.[3][4] Both of these achievements were repeated in 2015-16.[2] In 2016-17, Durham have 30 top tier BUCS teams, three more than closest rivals Loughborough, and have a total of 119 teams entered in BUCS competitions, the most of any UK university.[5]

Team Durham have won a large number of BUCS National Championships in recent years, including W Futsal, M Lacrosse, M Rugby Union and W Hockey. Additionally Durham University Boat Club held the BUCS rowing Victor Ludorum for ten years consecutively from the start of the regatta in 2004 until 2013 and regained it in 2015.[6][7][8]

BUCS/BUSA record

Year Position Notes
2015-16[9] 2nd 1st in league and cup competitions
2014-15[10] 2nd 1st in league and cup competitions
2013-14[11] 2nd 1st in league competitions
2012-13[12] 2nd
2011-12[13][14] 2nd
2010-11[13] 5th
2009-10[13] 6th
2008-09[13] 6th
2007-08[13] 4th
2006-07[13] 6th
2005-06[13] 8th
2004-05[13] 5th
2003-04[13] 10th
2002-03[13] 5th
2001-02[13] 10th
2000-01[13] 9th
1999-2000[13] 4th (Men) 9th (Women)
1998-99[13] 4th (Men) 11th (Women)
1997-98[13] 2nd (Men) 12th (Women)
1996-97[13] 3rd (Men) 16th (Women)
1995-96[13] 6th (Men) 18th (Women)

Varsity Matches

BUCS Varsity

Durham competes in the BUCS Varsity against Loughborough University, which has been organised twice-yearly (home and away) as part of the BUCS fixture list since 2015.[15]

Date Venue Durham Tied Loughborough
1 February 2017 Loughborough 5 2 6
23 November 2016[16] Durham 12 0 1
3 February 2016[17] Loughborough 8 1 7
25 November 2015[18] Durham 12 2 1

Student Performance Programme

Team Durham has a Student Performance Program covering 16 sports. It has recognised national centres of excellence in a number of sports, including the Durham MCC University cricket programme, British Rowing Performance Centre status, British Fencing Centre status, Tennis Foundation University Performance Centre status and English Lacrosse High Performance status.[19] There are also 12 Vice Chancellor's Scholarships available to undergraduate athletes each year and an elite athlete support programme, and a postgraduate master's degree scholarship in association with Durham Women's Football Club in the FA Women's Super League.[20][21]

Affiliated clubs

Durham University Athletics and Cross-Country (DUAXC) DUAXC is an athletics club with approximately 150 active members. Athletes at the club have the option of 15 sessions a week with most occurring at the University athletics track at Maiden Castle (also home to Durham City Harriers).DUAXC has two coaches, Peter Coates, a world double decathlon gold medalist, and Bryan Mackaye, a former 51 minute ten miler.

Durham University Boat Club BUCS Champions, holding the Victor Ludorum 2004-2013.

Durham University Rugby League Football Club (DURLFC) In the 15 years since its formation, the club has made a considerable increase in both its prominence within the University sporting community and the Student Rugby League. DURLFC in 2009 reached the national semi finals of the British Universities Plate.

Durham University Table Tennis Club (DUTTC) DUTTC has approximately 50 active members. There is the opportunity to train three times a week at Hild Bede East Gym. Coaching is available for advanced players who, in turn, can offer tips and advice to beginners and those looking to improve.

Durham University Association Football Club (DUAFC) DUAFC has two teams (competing in BUCS Northern Conference 2B and 3B respectively). DUAFC has two coaches, Adam Furness and Rich Allman, who are both are former players. In September 2008, DUAFC hosted Siberian Federal University in a friendly to be watched by representatives of the Russian Consulate.

Durham University American Football Club (Durham Saints) The Durham Saints American Football programme was founded on 2 November 2006. The team was granted associate membership to the BCAFL on 24 March 2007 and full membership to the BUAFL later in the same year. The team currently competes in the Premiership North of the BUCS American Football competition.[22]

Durham University Men’s Lacrosse Club

Durham MCC University Previously known as Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, the University cricket club plays under this name.

Durham University Swimming Club

Charity events

The Athletic Union hosts 3 charity events per year, the Rugby Charity Challenge, Durham Fun Run and Twenty:20 Charity cricket.[23] These events raise money for Sport Action in Zambia, Team Durham's official charity.[24]


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