The Arena League

The Arena League
SportArena football
Inaugural season2024
CommissionerTim Brown
No. of teams4
CountryUnited States
Other: USFL

The Arena League (The AL or TAL) is a future professional indoor American football league in the United States. The league intends to launch in 2024 with four teams.


The Arena League's rules aim to highlight the player's athleticism and increase the pace of play. The field will be traditional arena football size, measuring 50 yards long and 85 feet wide enclosed by padded walls. Teams will have 15-player rosters with the game being played with six offensive players against six defensive players. There are no restrictions on defense. All offensive players are eligible receivers with 3 players initially lined up in an offensive line position. The quarterback cannot run the ball past the line of scrimmage. The play clock is reduced to 20 seconds and no offensive huddles are allowed unless a timeout is called. All players and coaches will communicate with helmet communication systems that fans will be able to listen to in real time. There will be no kickers, as there are no field goals or kick-offs. Instead, teams will be forced to go for it on fourth down. Onside kicks are replaced with onside conversions and kickoffs will be replaced with a quarterback throwoff.

There will only be one official to mark and set the ball and make penalty announcements. There will be sky judges watching live video feeds to decide penalties in real time. Coaches and fans will have access to the referee interactions. After each game, fans can give feedback on the referees performance.


The league released a list of ten semi-finalist markets, which people could vote for the city to be a part of the inaugural season. The following is the list of the semi-finalists:

The first city announced was Springfield with Duluth being the second city. Waterloo was announced on May 4 as the third team. Kansas City was the fourth and final team announced for the inaugural 2024 season. The league anticipates expanding in the forthcoming years.

Team City Stadium Capacity Joined Head coach
Ozarks Lunkers Springfield, Missouri Wilson Logistics Arena 6,300 2024 TBD
Duluth TBD Duluth, Minnesota DECC Arena 5,333 2024 TBD
Waterloo TBD Waterloo, Iowa The Hippodrome 5,155 2024 TBD
Kansas City TBD Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Arena 9,987 2024 TBD
The Arena League is located in the United States
Locations of teams in The Arena League.

Season Format

The inaugural season of The Arena League will have a ten-game regular season schedule and playoffs from June to August 2024.


The League Chairman and Commissioner is NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown. Former IFL Commissioner, Tommy Benizio, an advisor for the league and his corporation will operate and run the teams until, he hopes, business leaders in the community decide they want to be a part of it and own and operate a team. Members of the Board of Advisors is expected to be announced in the spring of 2023.

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