The Cook (Arcimboldo)

The Cook
Giuseppe Arcimboldo - The Cook - WGA00840.jpg
The painting reversed.
ArtistGiuseppe Arcimboldo
Yearc. 1570
Mediumoil on panel
Dimensions53 cm × 41 cm (21 in × 16 in)
LocationNationalmuseum, Stockholm

The Cook is a c.1570 oil on panel painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, now in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. It is a still life of roasted meats - when the painting is turned upside-down, these form a human face via pareidolia. The painter also produced The Fruit Basket and The Gardener, using a similar effect.[citation needed]

The attribution to Arcimboldo is disputed.

The painting reversed and the right way up.

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