The Death of Sophonisba (Pittoni)

The Death of Sophonisba (1716-1720) by Giambattista Pittoni

The Death of Sophonisba is a 1716-1720 oil on canvas painting of Sophonisba by Giambattista Pittoni, produced in Venice - a sketch or smaller copy was bought by the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in 1723. It was bought for the Hermitage Museum in 1773 by the court cellist G. Dal Olio, then placed in the Tauride Palace. It was auctioned by Tsar Nicholas I in 1854 and bought by E.T. Zarudnoi-Cavos, then bought back by the Hermitage Museum in 1918. It was finally transferred to its present home at the Pushkin Museum in 1930. Its pair a Semiramis by the same artist, was in the Nikaelov collection in Paris before being bought by the Pushkin Museum in 1853.


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