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European Magazine
Front page, October 1799
Editor1782: James Perry
1782–1807: Isaac Reed
1807–c.1820: Stephen Jones
c.1820–?: Alfred Beauchamp[1]
Circulation3,250 (late 1700s)[1]
FounderJames Perry
First issueJanuary 1782 (1782-01)
Final issueJune 1826 (1826-06)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon

The European Magazine was a monthly magazine published in London. Eighty-nine semi-annual volumes were published from 1782 until 1826. It was launched as the European Magazine, and London Review in January 1782, promising to offer "the Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners, and Amusements of the Age." It was in direct competition with The Gentleman's Magazine,[1] and in 1826 was absorbed into the Monthly Magazine.[2]

Soon after launching the European Magazine, its founding editor, James Perry, passed proprietorship to the Shakespearean scholar Isaac Reed and his partners John Sewell and Daniel Braithwaite, who guided the magazine during its first two decades.[1]

The articles and other contributions in the magazine appeared over initials or pseudonyms and have largely remained anonymous.[1] Scholars believe that the contributions include the first published poem by William Wordsworth (1787)[3][4] and the earliest known printing of "O Sanctissima", the popular Sicilian Mariners Hymn (1792).[5][6]

Beech Hill Park, as illustrated in European Magazine, 1796.[7]


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Further reading

  • Helene E. Roberts's short overview of the European Magazine in Alvin Sullivan, ed., British Literary Magazines: The Augustan Age and the Age of Johnson, 1698–1788 (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1983), pp. 106–112.

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