The Wall (1998 American film)

The Wall
Written byThe Pencil Holder
Scott Abbott
The Badge
Charles Fuller
The Player
Patrick Sheane Duncan
Directed byJoseph Sargent
StarringEdward James Olmos
Savion Glover
Ruby Dee
Frank Whaley
Michael DeLorenzo
Music byLarry Brown
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Edgar J. Scherick
CinematographyDonald M. Morgan
Running time95 minutes
Original networkShowtime
Original releaseMay 24, 1998

The Wall is a 1998 made for TV anthology film that first aired on Showtime on May 24, 1998.[1]


The film told three separate stories based on items left at the Vietnam Memorial.


The Pencil Holder

The Badge

The Player


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