Thyrocervical trunk

Thyrocervical trunk
Superficial dissection of the right side of the neck, showing the carotid and subclavian arteries.
SourceSubclavian artery
BranchesInferior thyroid artery
Suprascapular artery
Transverse cervical artery
LatinTruncus thyrocervicalis
Anatomical terminology

The thyrocervical trunk is an short artery of the neck. It arises from the subclavian artery, then promptly divides into its branches: the inferior thyroid artery, suprascapular artery, and (sometimes) the transverse cervical artery.

Its branches explain the alternative name for this blood vessel: "truncus thyrobicervicoscapularis".[citation needed]


The thyrocervical trunk is short and thick.[citation needed]


The thyrocervical trunk is a branch of the subclavian artery. It arises from (the anterior aspect of) the first portion of this vessel, close to the medial border of the anterior scalene muscle; between the origin of the subclavian artery and the inner border of the scalenus anterior muscle.[citation needed]


It is located distally to the vertebral artery and proximally to the costocervical trunk.[citation needed]


The thyrocervical trunk promplty divides into its branches:

The suprascapular artery and transverse cervical artery both head laterally and cross in front of (anterior to) the scalenus anterior muscle and the phrenic nerve. The inferior thyroid artery runs superiorly from the thyrocervical trunk to the inferior portion of the thyroid gland. There is significant variation in the origin of these vessels.[verification needed]

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