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Time zone
World map with the time zone highlighted
UTC offset
Current time
09:34, 27 January 2024 UTC−05:00 [refresh]
Central meridian
75 degrees W
Date-time group
UTC−05:00: blue (January), orange (July), yellow (year-round), light blue (sea areas)
Time in Nunavut
  Standard DST
GMT−05:00 GMT−04:00 Eastern Time
GMT−05:00 (year round) Eastern Time
GMT−06:00 GMT−05:00 Central Time
GMT−07:00 GMT−06:00 Mountain Time
Time in Indiana: Counties grouped by time zone. Lake Michigan shown in blue at top left.
Standard DST US time zone
Red UTC−06:00 UTC−05:00 Central Time
Yellow UTC−05:00 UTC−04:00 Eastern Time
Time in Mexico
Mexican time zone Standard DST U.S. equivalent
Zona Sureste UTC−05:00 Eastern Standard Time
Zona Centro UTC−06:00 UTC−05:00 Central Time
UTC−06:00 Central Standard Time
Zona Pacífico UTC−07:00 UTC−06:00 Mountain Time
UTC−07:00 Mountain Standard Time
Zona Noroeste UTC−08:00 UTC−07:00 Pacific Time
Time in Brazil, since 25 April 2019.
Time in Brazil
ACT Acre Time UTC−5 (BRT–2)
AMT Amazon Time UTC−4 (BRT−1)
BRT Brasília Time UTC−3 (BRT)
FNT Fernando de Noronha Time UTC−2 (BRT+1)

UTC−05:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of −05:00. In North America, it is observed in the Eastern Time Zone during standard time, and in the Central Time Zone during the other eight months (see Daylight saving time). The western Caribbean uses it year round.

As standard time (Northern Hemisphere winter)

Principal cities: New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Orlando, Charlotte, Charleston, Wilmington, Key West, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Iqaluit, Nassau, Havana, Kingston, Port-au-Prince, Cockburn Town, Providenciales

North America


  • Bahamas
  • Cuba

As daylight saving time (Northern Hemisphere summer)

Principal cities: Winnipeg, Regina, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Austin, Memphis, Kansas City, San Antonio, Nashville, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Reynosa

North America

As standard time (year-round)

Principal cities: Cancún, Bogotá, Lima, Kingston, Quito, Panama City, George Town

South America


North America

As daylight saving time (Southern Hemisphere summer)

Principal settlement: Hanga Roa

East Pacific

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