United Nations Security Council Resolution 1

UN Security Council
Resolution 1
United Nations Security Council.jpg
The Security Council
Date25 January 1946
Meeting no.2
CodeS/RES/1 (Document)
SubjectEstablishment of a Military Staff Committee
ResultAdopted without vote
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1, adopted without a vote on January 25, 1946, called for the Military Staff Committee to meet for the first time in London on February 1, 1946. The Committee was to be composed of the Chiefs of Staff of the military organizations of the five permanent members. The Committee's formation had been called for under Article 47 of the United Nations Charter, and this resolution directed the Committee to convene to make proposals for the body's organisation and standard procedures.

The Security Council also had "Discussion of the best means of arriving at the conclusion of the special agreements [for the provision of armed forces and related facilities] referred to in the Charter (Article 43)" on its agenda for the meeting, though this item was deferred.[1] The United Nations General Assembly passed its first resolution the previous day.[2]

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