Verziau of Gargantua

Le Verziau de Gargantua at Bois-lès-Pargny

The verziau of Gargantua (or vierzeux of Gargantua), also known as Haute-Borne, is a menhir at Bois-lès-Pargny in France.[1]


This is a monolith of hard sandstone 4 meters high and 35 1 m 50[clarification needed] wide.[2] This stone is chipped at the top, retains its base width to about half of its height, and tapers to its upper end, just over a meter wide


The menhir is north of the town of Bois-lès-Pargny, a few meters from a small copse, near Sons-et-Ronchères.


At the beginning of the 19th century, the menhir had a twin sister, which was destroyed to extract a large amount of sandstone. It is claimed that the depth of the menhir below the ground is the same as its above-ground height, giving a total height of 9 meters.[2] It is likely that this menhir just far enough wood nearby Berjaumont, where the blocks of sandstone are quite numerous and rolled by a large number of men, it happened on this hill.[clarification needed] Legend has it that a man of immense size was using it to sharpen his scythe, and left the rock on the site in a gesture of anger.

The monument was listed as a monument historique in 1889.[1]


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Coordinates: 49°45′04″N 3°39′16″E / 49.750991°N 3.654529°E / 49.750991; 3.654529

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