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The Wikifunctions logo, which features a lambda at its centre. The symbol is used in mathematical logic and computer science to introduce anonymous functions expressed with the concepts of lambda calculus.
Type of site
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Created byDenny Vrandečić
Launched2 July 2020; 16 months ago (2020-07-02)

Wikifunctions is a collaboratively edited catalog of computer functions that aims to allow the creation, modification, and reuse of source code. It is closely related to Abstract Wikipedia, an extension to Wikidata that aims to create a language-independent version of Wikipedia using its structured data. Provisionally named Wikilambda, the definitive name of Wikifunctions was announced on 22 December 2020 following a naming contest. The Wikifunctions website is expected to launch in 2022 and will be the first new Wikimedia project to launch since 2012.

A public demonstration system has been set up at and was announced in October 2020.

Abstract Wikipedia

It was conceived by Denny Vrandečić, the co-founder of Wikidata, in a Google working paper in April 2020, formally proposed in May 2020 (as Wikilambda), and approved by the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees in July 2020 as Abstract Wikipedia. In March 2021, Vrandečić published an overview of the system in the article "Building a Multilingual Wikipedia" in the computer science journal Communications of the ACM.

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