William Jardine Smith

William Jardine Smith (1834 – 13 January 1884),[1] also known as Jardine Smith,[2] was an Australian writer and editor.[1]

Smith was born at Stockwell, near London. In 1852 he emigrated from Liverpool to Melbourne on the iconic steamer SS Great Britain, where he initially pursued commercial activities.[1] Subsequently, he became a contributor to the Melbourne Punch and ultimately editor.[1] He was also prominently connected with two short-lived and long defunct journals —the Spectator and Touchstone.[1] Smith was also a contributor to Fraser's Magazine and The Nineteenth Century.[3] For some years preceding his death Smith was one of the principal political leader-writers of the Melbourne Argus. He died in Melbourne on 13 January 1884, aged forty-nine years.[1] Smith was twice married and was survived by his widow and five children. His funeral took place on 14 January 1884, he was buried at Kew Cemetery.[3]


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