Category:14th-century disestablishments in Europe

Organizations, places, companies, or other things that ended or were disestablished in Europe in the 14th century.

13th c. ← Disestablishments in Europe in the 14th century → 15th c.
1300s disestablishments in Europe —            130113021303130413051306130713081309
1310s disestablishments in Europe1310131113121313131413151316131713181319
1320s disestablishments in Europe1320132113221323132413251326132713281329
1330s disestablishments in Europe1330133113321333133413351336133713381339
1340s disestablishments in Europe1340134113421343134413451346134713481349
1350s disestablishments in Europe1350135113521353135413551356135713581359
1360s disestablishments in Europe1360136113621363136413651366136713681369
1370s disestablishments in Europe1370137113721373137413751376137713781379
1380s disestablishments in Europe1380138113821383138413851386138713881389
1390s disestablishments in Europe1390139113921393139413951396139713981399
1400s disestablishments in Europe1400

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