Category:15th-century disestablishments in Europe

Organizations, places, companies, or other things that ended or were disestablished in Europe in the 15th century.

14th c. ← Disestablishments in Europe in the 15th century → 16th c.
1400s disestablishments in Europe —            140114021403140414051406140714081409
1410s disestablishments in Europe1410141114121413141414151416141714181419
1420s disestablishments in Europe1420142114221423142414251426142714281429
1430s disestablishments in Europe1430143114321433143414351436143714381439
1440s disestablishments in Europe1440144114421443144414451446144714481449
1450s disestablishments in Europe1450145114521453145414551456145714581459
1460s disestablishments in Europe1460146114621463146414651466146714681469
1470s disestablishments in Europe1470147114721473147414751476147714781479
1480s disestablishments in Europe1480148114821483148414851486148714881489
1490s disestablishments in Europe1490149114921493149414951496149714981499
1500s disestablishments in Europe1500


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