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Organizations, places, companies, or other things that ended or were disestablished in Europe in the 17th century.

16th c. ← Disestablishments in Europe in the 17th century → 18th c.
1600s disestablishments in Europe —            160116021603160416051606160716081609
1610s disestablishments in Europe1610161116121613161416151616161716181619
1620s disestablishments in Europe1620162116221623162416251626162716281629
1630s disestablishments in Europe1630163116321633163416351636163716381639
1640s disestablishments in Europe1640164116421643164416451646164716481649
1650s disestablishments in Europe1650165116521653165416551656165716581659
1660s disestablishments in Europe1660166116621663166416651666166716681669
1670s disestablishments in Europe1670167116721673167416751676167716781679
1680s disestablishments in Europe1680168116821683168416851686168716881689
1690s disestablishments in Europe1690169116921693169416951696169716981699
1700s disestablishments in Europe1700


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