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Please use more specific stubs if they apply:

  • {{crater-stub}} for articles about astrogeology and extraterrestrial geological features
  • {{geochronology-stub}} for articles relating to geochronology and geologic time
  • {{geodesy-stub}} for geodesy-related articles
  • {{geologic-formation-stub}} for stratigraphic units
  • {{geologist-stub}} for articles about geologists
  • {{geomorph-stub}} for articles pertaining to geomorphology
  • {{geophysics-stub}} for geophysics-related articles
  • {{glaciology-stub}} for glaciology articles
  • {{hydrology-stub}} for hydrology articles
  • {{mineral-stub}} for an article about a mineral
  • {{mining-stub}} for articles about mining
  • {{paleontologist-stub}} for articles about paleontologists
  • {{paleo-stub}} for articles relating to paleontology
  • {{petroleum-stub}} for articles relating to petroleum geology
  • {{petrology-stub}} for articles relating to petrology
  • {{regional-geology-stub}} for articles about regional geology
  • {{tectonics-stub}} for tectonics-related articles
  • {{volcanology-stub}} for articles about volcanoes or volcanology

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  • Template:Geology-stub
  • Template:Geology-book-stub
  • Template:Orogeny-stub
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